Posted by: Slightly concernced. | 2004/06/08


Is HIV test after 3 months conclusive ?


I've been for an HIV test after a low risk exposure(receiving unprotected oral sex from a woman), this was almost 3 months to the day after the incident. The test came back negative. My question is that I have read that the window period for HIV infection is 6 months, so can the negative result after 3 month window be regarded as conclusive ?

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Posted by: white | 2004/06/09

the best advice i can give.. is to go read up about AIDS.. u on the net.. make the most of it..

its not possible to transmit aids via oral.. unless she is seriously bleeding or having sores in her mouth..

and the window period is 3 months.. testing after this is conclusive..

please thoug.. get more informed

good luck

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Posted by: someone who knows | 2004/06/08

Generally speaking 6 weeks after exposure is accepted as the period in which you are likely to become positive.

So after 3 months it is safe to say you are not HIV infected.

It appears that you are still showing concern so go and have a pcr test.

This is a conclusive test. If you are negative then you are truely negative.

Then make sure once you get that negative result you think with head and not your dick!!

Good Luck!!

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Posted by: Vixen | 2004/06/08

There is such a low risk of HIV being transmitted from a female giving a male a blowjob - I really don't think you have to worry. Three months is usually enough time for a test to show positive.

However, for peace of mind go for another test at 6 months - and next time do not have unprotected sex even if it is only oral.

Good luck!

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Posted by: BPM | 2004/06/08

Hi u idiot, please stop using my name. Get yoself one. The second comment from BPM is definitely not me. As for u Slightly concerned, I withdraw and Good Luck.

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Posted by: BPM | 2004/06/08

Go have your -|- sucked again by a whore you dick. You do have aids!

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Posted by: Slightly concerned | 2004/06/08

The HIV expert forum is closed, thats why I posted the question here. I am assuming the Sexologist would have a good knowledge of HIV since its part and parcel of sexuality these days. If you have nothing positive to contribute BPM....don't contribute.

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Posted by: BPM | 2004/06/08

Surely u dont know what to write about. Take your concern to the HIV Expert and get lost from this site, please!!!!!

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