Posted by: Survey | 2011/09/06

Inter Racial Relationships

Would you dtae/ marry outside of your race?
If you would state your age, race and the race that you would date/ marry??

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Posted by: coloured | 2011/09/14

Sum people r so narrow minded! race does not come into a relationship at all! I was in a realationship with a white guy for just under 6 years and if it wasnt for his over-possessiveness, I probably would have stayed with him. Not once did either of our races affect the way we felt about each other or the way our families treated the other....
o yeah n im back in the game, n yeah u guessed it, dating a white guy!!!!!

Reply to coloured
Posted by: Condom Man | 2011/09/10

Dogs r dogs + cats r cats, humans r humans. Just as U get different colour dogs + different colour cats ( they r still dogs or cats) so U get different skin colour humans also but they r still humans. I''m white + married to a most gorgeous Indian lady. Married 12 yrs, 2 beautiful caramel kids. I wouldn''t change her for anyone else. She''s in the same Christian faith as me, well educated, loving, beautiful inside + out. I''m very proud when other men look at her, she''s strikingly attractive. As an added bonus her mom adores me too.

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Posted by: Buda | 2011/09/09

My view is this the children that is born out of a racial relationship does not know where they fiit in the society they are not black nor white they do not know at the end which race group they belong to they do not dsometimes fit into society, It is the children who gets hurt at the end with such relationship.
DUHH you think it is good but you will at the end see your children will suffer, Race belongs to race and not to mix with each other and then children is born ,
The animal kibgdom does not do it.

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Posted by: pete | 2011/09/09

it''s already starting, they caught a black guy raping or having sex with a boerbok, so i assume that funny looking babies/bokkies or humabok will be developing, so in such a case which culture would the borned one like to join.

Reply to pete
Posted by: Jim | 2011/09/08

to Ross...well my friend, i am sure while u were typing that yr daughter was gobling down some white shlong and liking it.

Reply to Jim
Posted by: Lee | 2011/09/07

" horses will start mating with zebra''''s soon? Maybe dogs and foxes or cats and rabbits........... elephants and rhino''''s maybe?" 

Maybe human being with Apes?

What nonsense!!!

If you want to compare cultures then I understand but comparing races to animal species, then I have to say you have lost me totally!!!

Reply to Lee
Posted by: ross | 2011/09/07

I will not allow my daughter to bring a white man

Reply to ross
Posted by: Faye | 2011/09/07

To Jim, i meant to say you are so right!

Reply to Faye
Posted by: Faye | 2011/09/07

yes, so true that.

Reply to Faye
Posted by: Jim | 2011/09/07

to Romany and all other that think alike...diff animals is interspecies u twat, we as humans are 1 species, the only thing that sets us aside is dumb crackholes like yrself, u cannot control what others do.

Reply to Jim
Posted by: TO :to Romany? | 2011/09/07

Read Tandu''s posts on this subject. You can FEEL the PRIDE of what he or she is... whatever it is.
I have so much respect for what he/she is saying.
So proud, respect to you brother/sister :)

Reply to TO :to Romany?
Posted by: To Romany | 2011/09/07

You can hardly compare as you say : " horses will start mating with zebra''''s soon? Maybe dogs and foxes or cats and rabbits........... elephants and rhino''''s maybe?"  Human bodies - unlike animals - have exactly the same make up and features. Although some have straight hair, others coarse, some are dark some are light, in the end we are all made in God''s image and have similar physics.
SO if two people, one light skinned one dark skinned fall inlove, who are you and who am I to say they lack education or pride or are untelligent. I am not sure if this is what you are saying, but if it is, then it most certainly is quite narrow minded.
Many interracial marriages last far longer than those of a similar race, I know this cause I have seen it. So dont judge lest you be judged...

Reply to To Romany
Posted by: Romany | 2011/09/07

This is so sad. I wonder how the Creator will feel about this... having gone through all the trouble of making us all unique?
I wonder if horses will start mating with zebra''s soon? Maybe dogs and foxes or cats and rabbits........... elephants and rhino''s maybe?
For the sake of having much faith in my fellow South Africans, I a going to say that I do not believe the majority of people in this country will loose what is valuable to them. I believe only a small percentage is stupid and has no pride. 100% of the many people of many races I work with, mix with and interact with, are certainly sensible about this.... but then, they are all intelligent, proud, educated, non-racists people.
I am lucky to have friends like them.....

Reply to Romany
Posted by: l | 2011/09/07

Jim, I agree hahaha there are some rude surprises waiting for the " anti colourline"  hard asses.

Reply to l
Posted by: Jim | 2011/09/07

very soon we all will be coloured, that is inevitable, it is the way forward, for those still living in the dark ages goodluck with yr culture and race issues, we see it happening all over the world, so there u have it

Reply to Jim
Posted by: Tandu | 2011/09/07

To Sue. My point exactly... being bi-racial you never experienced, for example, the stong Zulu cultures and traditions that keep the race proud, together and pure.
A traditional Zulu father will turn in his grave if his daughter brings home a boy out of their culture" . He brings his children up in strong traditions and keeps his race pure. That is really something everyone can look up to. Not many of that left in the world.
You consider yourself......... " English" . It is NOt about the language, it is about the heritage. It is about the magic!!!!

Reply to Tandu
Posted by: l | 2011/09/07

I think many people in SA are not ready for interracial relationships. I have been married to my husband for 18 years and even though we are both coloured, I look like a white woman and he looks indian. In the first 15 years of our marriage, we would observe point blank stares from others, shameless glaring etc. As we got a bit older, it had subsided, but still experience quite a bit of staring and glaring. Our kids look totally coloured and not like me at all, and have been asked at school " is your mother white" ? yes your mother is white, even though they explain that mommy is coloured. Arggg it can be so annoying. Why dont people just mind their own business?

Reply to l
Posted by: sexologist | 2011/09/07

no expert comment required

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Posted by: Sue | 2011/09/06

I have dated outside my race. I am 29 female and am coloured. I have dated both black and white.

Bi-racial children?? Well I was raised in an English home mostly because we lived in a mostly ''English'' area.

I am not bi-racial but being coloured is close enough.... I enjoyed every minute of my childhood. I went to a multi racial school, were I interacted with my white, black and coloured peers.

I don''t see anything wrong with it, unless I am leaving in my own world!!! I have observed though that people outside these relationships are the ones that have the problem.

Reply to Sue
Posted by: Realist | 2011/09/06

Well put Tandu. I agree totally. NOTHING immature about that !!

Reply to Realist
Posted by: DUHH | 2011/09/06

Your question sound immature to me
I''m a black woman, married to white man and have 2 children together, it''s been 9 years of marrige

Reply to DUHH
Posted by: Tandu | 2011/09/06

Hi Survey.
I also believe, like Anon, that birds of a feather should flock together.
My reasons for this is simple, look around you in nature. Look at the pureness of the animals and the plants.
There are so many things that set us apart, religion, traditions, beliefs, history, upbringing, dreams etc etc.
BUT to me the biggest one of all is: Do you want to bring a child of mixed race, religion, traditions, beliefs, history, upbringing, dreams etc etc into this world? Is it fair to the child, not to fit in proudly with his parents?
Dating in itself is not a problem, but why " tempt fate" .
I am proud of what I am. I love all my friends that are different to what I am, but I respect myelf and I respect them.

Reply to Tandu
Posted by: Survey | 2011/09/06

But they dont always.

Reply to Survey
Posted by: Anon | 2011/09/06

Birds of a feather should flock together.

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