Posted by: Sipho | 2004/09/07


Injaculation, is it harmful?

Is injaculation (stemming the out flow of semen by pinching the penis tightly whilst having an orgasm) harmful to a man, and if so what harm and to what parts of his body can this harm be caused. I think many guys do this to avoid the spliiage/mess on the sheets.But could it be causing a serious health risk?

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Posted by: Dlamini | 2004/09/08

Mango, sorry, you are wrong about it being safe, its not, it can cause problems with the prostate, and can lead to infertitily, Sipho's ball s would not be aching for nothing.check out this website, where the info is listed as harmful


you will see it does cause a hastle na dnot only upset Sipho's wife by soiling the sheets

Hope this helps Sipho, check the website out

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Posted by: Sipho | 2004/09/08

Mango you right she used to go mad,but my balls started to get sore and I wondered if this caused it.We only have 2 sheets at home so B it means washing evryday and the wife is not heppy about that.

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Posted by: Mango | 2004/09/08

When Sipho plays with himself in bed, he doesn't want his wife to find out about it so he holds back. No Sipho, it can't do you any harm, it's perfectly safe. As long as your wife doesn't find out.

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Posted by: b | 2004/09/08

but why would a guy want to do this ?? i mean sheets can be washed ??

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