Posted by: Benny | 2008/10/09


How much milk/Nido?

Hello everyone..
My son is 11 and a half months old, and I' ve started giving him Nido. I would like to know how many bottles he can have? When I spoke to the sister I' ve been taking him to for his innoculations, I got some attitude ( maybe because I called after hours - after she told me to contact her ANYTIME if I had any questions ) and she said that when he gets to the ACTUAL age that he can have Nido, he should only be drinking around 2 bottles of milk a day.
How many bottles, on average, do/did your one-year-olds drink?



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Posted by: Lyndon | 2013/07/11

Minimum of 2 feeds, max of 3. U shud be able to tell if ur son needs 2 or 3 for a day

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Posted by: E. | 2008/10/10

My 12 month old son drinks 3 x 225ml bottles of Nido per day (6am  3pm &  7pm). The milk seems a lot more watery than NAN, so I' m not sure if it fills him up as much. I give him cows milk with his cereal.

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Posted by: S-p | 2008/10/09

My daughter will be 12 months on 29 Oct ... i am on my last tin of Nan 2 now, and then she will change to Nido. I have also heard 2 cups of milk a day ... 500ml. My LO will probably drink that in about 3 bottles though - or 3 x 150ml.

Enjoy your son' s 1st birthday :-)

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Posted by: Colagirl | 2008/10/09

thats right - about 2 bottles - 500ml per day.
my LO started with Nido also around 12 months.

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