Posted by: Annie1 | 2009/09/22


How many sizes down?

Hi girls, i have come down from a size 46 to a 34, I threw out about 20 pants and lost count on the rest of my clothes even my undergarments, I fit into a med panty, from xxL I get so emotional when I start throwing cloths out, and can' t believe I let myself go like that...

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Posted by: Moomin | 2009/09/23

I was 44/46 BIG

Now 38/36

Goal 32/34

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Posted by: Annie1 | 2009/09/22

Jean that is just wonderful, you can feel very proud of yourself you have achieved one of the most difficult things that us overweight ladies struggle with, well I don' t think its such a struggle anymore we are all doing absolutly fantastic.

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Posted by: Jean | 2009/09/22

hi there
well done to all u ladies, its the best feeling ever
well when i started i was 118 lost 10.3 on my own and 11.2 with the diet everyone talks about. im now on 96.5 and started on 44 now on a 38. wow now that im writing it down. i feel more proud of myself. i feel fantastic.
have a fab day ladies

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Posted by: Kat | 2009/09/22

Dr Cohen' s diet is now R1900. that is how much i paid for the 12 weeks and it was in the beginning of the month

Slim on
How much weight in total did you have to lose?

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Posted by: Ntombi | 2009/09/22

Okkkkk.... I' ve heard about something like that. A colleague of mine has lot a lot of weight and he mentioned something along the lines of his diet being structured according to the results of his blood test results.

Thanks, I' ll google for some information.

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Posted by: Slim-On | 2009/09/22

Ntombi..........Dr Cohen is a diet program where you get blood tests taken and then a diet is put together based on the results of the blood test. I paid R1500 excluding the blood tests which your medical aid can pay. The diet is very restrictive and requires a lot of discipline if you want to see results. It is a 12 week program and then you also get a refeeding program where they start introducing " normal"  foods again. To give you an example in a day i can eat for
Breakfast : an egg, 1 apple, veges and 2 provitas for breakfast. Lunch: chicken breast salad and 2 provitas plus 1 fruit and Supper: Extra lean beef patty, veges and provita.
Also 2.5litres a day and a multivitamin.
They have clinics all over Gauteng. Im not sure about the other provinces. Just Google Dr Cohen 1st Personal Diet and look for a clinic near you. Good luck

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Posted by: Ntombi | 2009/09/22

Wow... wow... wow! I' m shaking as I' m tying this! I part of me is freaked out, wondeting if I' ll ever be able to do it... another part is excited about it!

Can someone please give me more info on this Cohen diet?

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Posted by: Slim-on | 2009/09/22

Kat. Yes i did. I follow it religously and also walk 3.5km x 4 times a week. I was given stats on the average weight loss for people on Dr Cohen who follow it to the T. Apparently its like this:
1. In 4 weeks 10% of people lose less than 7kg.
2. In 4 weeks 70% of people lose 7 to 10kg.
3. In 4 weeks 20% of people lose 10 to 20kg.
4. In 12 weeks 12% of people lose 17 to 20kg
5. In 12 Weeks 60% of people lose 20 to 27kg
6. In 12 Weeks 28% of people lose 27 to 35kg.
I think i am in Category number 2.

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Posted by: Beez | 2009/09/22

Was a 32 before pregnancy (goal now)

After pregnancy was a 40 but currently I' m a 34 on top and 36 bottom...

can' t wait to fit into my old clothes and go shopping again...

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Posted by: Annie1 | 2009/09/22

Wow welldone girls, Pally keep strong if you go without cheating the weight will just melt away!

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Posted by: Kat | 2009/09/22


Did you lose the 4 ks in 2 weeks. I am on day 8 of Cohen and i have lost 1.8 so far

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Posted by: Pally | 2009/09/22

You guys are my inspiration. i now believe i can do it 2.

i started off at 100.4 and i am now at 95.4. i could not believe it when i weighed myself yesterdat. i started the detox program on 7 Sept but defaulted several times until i received my unique program on 16 Sept. i have been following it religiously so. I am not sure which had the most impact detox or unique program but i have lost 5kgs to date in two weeks time.

my goal weight is 70 (still have 25 to go).

Thank you so much girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by: Slim On | 2009/09/22

I have gone from a 40 down to a 34 top and 36 bottom. I am today wearing a stunning suit i have not worn in 3 years! I started my diet with Weight Watchers for 2months and lost 7kg. I decided to speed things up and 2 weeks ago i signed on with Dr Cohen and to date have lost 4kg. I am thinking of using Weight Watchers as my lifetime maintenance plan.

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Posted by: Kat | 2009/09/22

I have gone from a 40 to a 36/34. depends on the make.

I love buying clothes because they fit. I can choose a meduim and it actually sits loose!!!

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