Posted by: Rachel | 2008/03/05


How do they insert a catheter


I was wondering how they insert a catheter......I can't seem to get a proper answer.
Do they have to put a catheter in when you have a natural birth with epidural.
Any information would be great.

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Posted by: Kippie | 2008/03/05

You guys were lucky having it inserted after the spinal!

I was at the Pta East hospital and they refused saying it takes up precious time if done after the epidural is administered as they only have a couple of minutes to get baby out once the epidural is applied.
So, I had mine done in my room but it burned like hell - I had it with all 3 c-sections. The burning lasted about 10 min. When taking it out it did not burn though.

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Posted by: Roseline | 2008/03/05

I ahd a c-sec with my daughter, and when i was being prepped, the nurse asked me if i wanted them to insert it before going to the theatre or after the spinal has been put in. I opted for after the spinal and I didn't feel a thing.

It was taken out at about 12 hours later and I only felt light discomfort for a plit second and it was out.

I am not sure they use for vaginal births, but if you get an epi, then they might as you are not ableto move around.

It is inserted in the small urine hole at the mouth of the vagina. Sorry if TMI!

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Posted by: Dee | 2008/03/05

Hi Ladies,

I had my C-SEC last year June.

They FIRST do the spinal in theater, and THEN put the catheter in. You do not feel a thing.
It is also not sore when they take it out.

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Posted by: Lynette | 2008/03/05

I insert it in the urine hole burn a bit but not sore just uncomfy they do it before they do the spinal for c-sections. I heard they give one if you had an epidural for natural birth as well because you can't walk to the loo. After c-sections they take it out the next day when you can walk again. Legs stay numb for a couple of hours not sure about the epidural though.

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Posted by: Lucy | 2008/03/05

Oops i mean with C-sections they do it before spinal...

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Posted by: Lucy | 2008/03/05

I had natural and i am sure they only inserted it after the epidural, but i know with C-section they do it afterwards... i didn't know i had it till afterwards....

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Posted by: Velly | 2008/03/05

It's inserted in the "urine hole" and usually done in C-sections but in some cases for normal births as well. It's uncomfortable but not sore.....

With me it was done before the spinal felt the discomfort.. :-)


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Posted by: Rachel | 2008/03/05

Oh Ok!!!! Thank you VERY much for that answer. Now I understand...........great!!! Thank goodness they don't cut you.....

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Posted by: LJCK | 2008/03/05

They insirt a tin tube diped in lubricant,in your "urine hole." At its tip is a small baloon. Once it is inserted the baloon is fulled with water just to make sure the tube does not come out. When they take it out they withdraw the water and pull out the tube. That it

They don't cut you at all.

Remeber there is no such thing as a silly question.

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Posted by: M | 2008/03/05

With my c-section, they gave the spinal block in the theater and then only put my catheter in, I didn't feel a thing, just a little discomfort. My catheter stayed in for the whole of the next day. Just a tip, ask them to hang the thing on the opposite side of the bed UNDER your covers and not the side your visitors are likely to sit and visit!!!!! I was soooo embarrassed, and of course only realized it when I had a room full of eager visitors..... URG!!!!!

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Posted by: Rachel | 2008/03/05

But where/how do they insert it..............sorry for my they cut you........does it go into your 'urine' hole, urethra or what??
I feel so silly for asking but no one ever really tells you about the catheter. Exactly WHERE do they insert it?

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Posted by: LJCK | 2008/03/05

Had 2 C Sections with Spinals. Had a catheter with both. They insert it in the room before you go to theater. The spinal is only done when you are in the theater. Only had the burning feeling for a few sec. after it was taken out. As far as I know you dont get a catheter with normal births.
Had both my c section in the afternoon and the catheters were removed before 6h00 the following morning.
Hope this answers your questions

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Posted by: Mini mouse | 2008/03/05

Thank you for the question - I was also wondering. Do they insert it after you have had the injection? Do you feel anything? I have heard that you only feel a burning feeling when they take it out.

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Posted by: B | 2008/03/05

I also want to know if they do it before or after the spinal or epidural

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