Posted by: Leigh | 2005/07/19



I need to see a gynae for the first time. Do you have a list of respectable female gynaes in Cape Town.

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Posted by: paula | 2005/07/19

ssubs- 3 docs i know of: Caro Nel and Gordon Bonellie as constantiaberg also Paul Alberts at Kingsbury

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Posted by: Shmegal | 2005/07/19

Hi Leigh

Sorry don't know of any females off hand in the S.Suburbs. I do remember hearing of a brilliant femail gynae in the Newlands surgical clinic building above PnP in Claremont. I can't remember her name. Perhaps phone a few places like Vincent Palotti, Newlands Clinic and the like and ask if they have any female gynae's.
Good luck.

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Posted by: LEIGH | 2005/07/19

AI :Thanks for your prompt response. Do you know if your gynae is contracted into the medical aid and does she cover Vincent Pallotti as well.

Shmegal : I stay in the Southern Suburbs. If you could possibly recommend me to someone in that area it would be much appreciated. I am not in a hurry to see them now I am getting married in January so I will only probably need to see them Oct/Nov time.

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Posted by: Shmegal | 2005/07/19

Hi Leigh

Where in Cape Town are you? Do you need an appointment asap or can you wait? There are some excellent female gynaes in the Northern Suburbs but for a general check-up you can wait up to a few months to get an appointment as they are hectically busy.
Let us know.

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Posted by: Karin | 2013/09/11

Could you give me the names of the female Gynaes in the northern suburbs please?

Posted by: AI | 2005/07/19

There are a few at Constantiaberg.
The one I go to is Dr Janet Cole and there is another one there Dr Nel.
Both good.

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