Posted by: Carmen | 2007/03/14



Good day

I am normally an observer but I see today that there is a discussion about Hospitals, I just wanted to know if any of you are going to or know someone that gave birth at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, I dont have medical aid and I have complications and my GP gave me a refferal letter to them.

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Posted by: Ang | 2014/06/11

i also dont have medical aid and I dont live in mowbray, do you have to reside in the area as I have been told??

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Posted by: Janine | 2013/06/10

I would advise you to get a medical aid.I gave birth to a stilborn baby and none of the doctors could tell me what happend. When i was 34 weeks pregnant 1 of the doctors told me the umbilical cord was too thin and send me for a scan the doctor that did the scan however not check properly and the baby died dew to no oxgen that was passed threw the cord .When I gave birth the cord was so thin the nurse could not pull on the cord to get the placenta out.

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Posted by: Ma'ka Khaya | 2007/03/14

I know some1 who is happy with the service at GS. She had to go there and not Mowbray because she is diabetic or something. She is going to give birth there for the second time.

You can try M, and see what they say. The day for the 1st timers is tuesday. Go there with a letter fromt your DR confirming your pregnancy, salary advice, ID. They will let you know if they want you to be a paying patient or not. The most expensive amount you can pay is about R7000 for a ceaser. The normal visit to the dr is about R86.

Im having my baby there anyday. I hope it goes well.

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Posted by: Paula | 2007/03/14

Hey Carmen

Mowbray isn’t a private hospital, it’s a state/government hospital like Groote Schuur. It’s the only hospital in the Western Cape solely devoted to obstetrics/maternity – so they are extremely clued up when it comes to births as they do a huge amount every year.

If your GP has classified you as a high-risk patient (or high-need…sounds nicer!), due to a blood problem then perhaps you might need to go to GSH and not Mowbray. GSH normally deals with high-risk pregnancies/deliveries…although Mowbray also has a fully equipped operating theater and very sophisticated neonatal ICU.

Do you have an appointment with a gynae at GSH? Perhaps ask when you go if you have the option of giving birth at Mowbray or do they prefer to keep an eye on you at GSH.

To answer your other question…a doula is a professional childbirth companion. A lady who will stay with you for the duration of your labour and birth, emotionally supporting you, helping you get into different positions as you labour, massaging your back or feet…etc. Doulas aren’t medical staff and do not perform clinical functions – that’s what the nurses, midwives and doctors are for! The key thing about doula support is that it is continuous (no shifts, tea breaks etc)

I qualified as a doula earlier this year and Nuffing is currently doing the course :-)


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Posted by: Nuffing | 2007/03/14

The active birth unit is more expensive, as it is run as a separate and private facility, and only handes safe and healthy births i.e. those whoch would qualify for a home birth, and complicated cases would need to be treated in the actual hospital.

The hospital itself if a government hospital.

Mowbray Maternity
DESCRIPTION: This clinic operates in the Cape Town Central Health District of the Metro Region.
LOCATION: Mowbray, Cape Town
OWNED / FUNDED BY / ENDORSED BY: Department of Health (Provincial Government of the Western Cape)
FACILITY CATEGORY: Maternity Hospitals
STREET ADDRESS: 12 Hornsey Road, Mowbray, 7705
TELEPHONE: 021 659 5543
CONTACT NOTES: The contact person is: Dr N Bergman(who is the pioneer of Kangaroo Mother Care, which is now recognised world wide) :)

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Posted by: Carmen | 2007/03/14

Is Mowbray very expensive, like I said that I dont have medical aid and also are they able to assist with any complication because my Gp said that only Groote Shcuur can assist me, something to do with my blood I am not sure what it is, I will find out on the 10th of April.

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Posted by: Paula | 2007/03/14

Hi Carmen
I was also going to suggest Mowbray Maternity :-)
There is the option of giving birth in their “Active Birth Unit” or ABU and the midwives on duty will facilitate the birth of your baby. The ABU has a big double bed and also a large bath in the corner and each room has it’s own birth ball. The rooms have a beautiful homely feel to them.

Or you can give birth on the ‘hospital side’ of Mowbray. Mowbray is one of the few hospitals in CT that has been certified as “Baby Friendly” by WHO/UNICEF. Babies are never separated from their mums and they strongly encourage breastfeeding and kangaroo care for prem babies.


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Posted by: Carmen | 2007/03/14

Thank you for replying all

what is a doula?

I feel scared about going there but I dont think I have a choice.

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Posted by: FALDEELA | 2013/07/29


Posted by: Nuffing | 2007/03/14

Sorry my response got all jumbled.

I meant that at Mowbray they deliver around 7000 babies a year.

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Posted by: Nuffing | 2007/03/14

Honestly if it were me I'd opt to rather go to Mowbray Maternity Hospital. It is also government, but is a bit more progressive and friendly. In my opinion.

As an example at Mowbray you may have a doula, whereas at Grotte Schuur they try to fight against it etc.

Having said that my gynae who is wonder doe volunteer at Groote Schuur, so there is some excellent skill there too. You just may not get access to it...

They deliver around 7000 babies a year there, so they are very experienced.

Incidentally I was born there (nearly 33 years ago) :)

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Posted by: MishyM | 2007/03/14

I kno Mickey on the forum is... I would suggest that she is best to ask :-)

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Posted by: www | 2007/03/14

I was born in Grootte Schuur Hospital and so were both my brothers! hehehe, okey, granted that was 32 years ago so it doesn't really count as an opinion anymore. I'm sure someone will be able to assist you.

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