Posted by: JH | 2013/02/07

Fortzaar side effects

32y/o male

I have been on Fortzaar 100/25mg for the last two months. Before that I was on a variety of other hypertension treatments, each with it''s own set of side-effects, but this is by far the worst!!!!!!

In the two months on the Fortzaar I have had two panic attacks. Additionally, I am struggling to cope at work and home. I can relatively trace this back to shortly after I started the Fortzaar.
Whatever''s wrong with me''s currently ruining my life. I cannot relax, am anxious all the time and on top of that cant sleep.

I have mentioned the anxiety to the prescribing physician, as well as a GP. They both denied the possibility of the Fortzaar causing elevated anxiety and just prescribed Urbanols. Yet, I read at a variety of sources that some people have experienced anxiety on the Fortzaar meds.

At present I really do not know what to do. As all the docs deny these side effects, I am still stuck on these meds, ruining my quality of life possibly.

Can Fortzaar cause this anxiety?

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Our expert says:
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Dear JH

Thanks for your question. Fortzaar is a combination of two different drugs, losartan and hydrochlorothiazide, and is a drug combination which is remarkably free of side effects. I agree with your doctors that it is not responsible for the symptoms that you describe, ie panic attacks, anxiety and insomnia.

As the symptoms seem to have begun after you started taking Fortzaar, it is tempting to blame Fortzaar, but I really do not believe that Fortzaar can be responsible. If in doubt, stop it for two weeks and see what happens. The probability is high that the symptoms will not disappear – in which case, obviously, they were not due to Fortzaar..

Best wishes. JT

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Our users say:
Posted by: Logie | 2016/09/23

I have been taking Fortzaar for this pass week I cannot control this anxiety attached it especially get me at night even during day while I am in office all of a sudden I want to scream an run for air this seems to be getting bad day by day

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/02/09

My man gebruik Fortzaar 100/25 nou vir seker 6 maande en vanaf verlede jaar November het hy probleme met sy blaas. Hy het die uroloog gaan sien, het gegaan vir die scope en die uroloog se daar is niks fout nie. Hy het vir my man medisyne gegee en Desember was sy blaas reg maar eweskielik sit hy weer met die blaas probleem. Ons kan nerens heen gaan nie dan moet hy gaan water afslaan. Is Fortzaar nie ook 'n waterpil nie?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/02/07

Please tell me if i can use garcinia cambodium if i am on fortzaar 100/25

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Posted by: Galiema | 2015/12/20

Hi, I have also been using Fortzaar for a couple of year and I, like others have itchiness, anxiety and have been diagnosed with depression. I have been off work since May 2015 and feel that I cannot face the challenges of everyday life. My feet have been severely swollen since Thursday and I have been in bed with my feet elevated but it is not helping. I find that when I use the Fortzaar, I urinate more frequently. I am sure that if so many other users have similar symptoms using Fortzaar it should be looked into.

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Posted by: z | 2015/11/18

I read the dr's answer on the medication fortzaar with interest. I started using it about five years ago. I didn't feel well and only used it when my Bp. Was very high.. then being advised to take it every day i did I had lots of stress at work and became very ill. Sores all over my body huges ones as big as R5 pieces. They all started ad I call it from the inside. I have ugly scares on my skin. Thr scars are thick dark and hard Hope the english is correct. I started passing out. It lasted from 2 to even five hours. Add the anxiety to the itching snd swollen hands the swollen glands on both sides of my face. I even took pictures of it. I couldnt drive properly and was put in hospital for 20.days. I left.with a bag of meds. 2 types of epilepsy meds sleepingtablets mood stabilisers 11 in all. After being on leave for six months i came back yo work not al all in a shape to perform. as i should have. I couldn't remember even how to use the phone Realizing that i am going to loose my job. I went home and started to get clean I nearly died. It was so bad. But i pushed on hoping to just stay alive as the feeling to commit suicide was a constant companion. When i wanted to leave the vemlor i use 300mg per day i knew i was not going to live to tell.the story So i started using it again. i was diagnosed with bipolar depression. on 300mg of venlor plus the fortzaar and a med thyaroid. I have lost my work. They have given me a partime post. Really needing my voice the sore throat is a huge problem and now i have funny round sores nearly like psoraices on my body. Add to this small warts is starying on my legs and face. I am 61 years old. Been divorced for 21years. Have always had good health. I dont sleep sometimes for ip to threedays.if i do will be during the day. I have now urge to eat. I eat weetbix and milk popcirn and custard Sometimes i crave for baked beans. I will eat only baked beans for days. I know this might sound far fetched. But it is all true. If i think it vould all have been caused by the fortzaar i going to be very mad. My whole life has been ruined

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Posted by: Jackson | 2015/03/30

I wonder why all these medical manufacturers do not do continuous R&D to produce good medicine with minimum side effects. I used to consume Fortzaar 100/25 combined with 5 milligrams of Amlodipine but the side effects were terrible. My feet swells. EDEMA - Serious, though BP reduced. I wonder if there is anybody who can recommend me optional combination that can reduce EDEMA and high BP. The big questions is why all these drugs has to come with so much side effects??????

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/09/15

I used to use Cozaar comp but it didnt seem to keep my bloodpressure under controll Dr prescribed Fortzaar and I have been so worried that I am either dying or losing my mind. I feel so lightheaded I feel as if my balance is affected and I may fall at anytime. Driving is a nightmare I feel as if I am disorientated. It was only when I checked tonight I realized other poeple are feeling the same. Dr wanted to put me on mood stabelizers and anti depressants! I think the stuff is very very bad for some poeple. Please comment

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Posted by: Cheryl | 2014/08/20

I have been changed to Fortzaar 100mg/25 some 3 to 4 months ago. I use Bilocor 5mg at night. 2weeks ago symptoms of severe itching occurred . My hands itched severly, became red and inflammed and terribly swollen. Dr immediately stopped the Bilocor and diagnosed an allergy. Since then the symptoms have persisted with itching of scalp, ears, hands and every warm moist cavity on my entire body. Could this be as a result of the Fortzaar.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/05/19

I don't like this Fortzaar either! I used to be on Hygroton for years and that was great. But then they tell me that it is not made anymore and is old fashioned. Have just got the flu and bronchitis and am supposed to be taking these blood pressure pills as well. But the cough is not clearing up and my stomach is all over the place and my back is worse than normal. When you look up the side effects they are all listed there. Don't like this drug!!

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Posted by: Dianne | 2014/03/18

Could Fortzaar cause tremor/shakes? I don't have any other side effects.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/02/04

Ek gebruik Fortzaar nou vir drie jaar. Die laaste ses maande het ek "panic attacks" ek is gedurig dronk en voel of ek sommer wil omval, my oë dop om. Dit voel of iemand my keel toedruk. Ek sukkel om te slaap. Dit voel of ek buite beheers is en alles om my in duie stort. Ek het vir 6 weke nie dit gedrink nie. Dit is 3 dae dat ek dit weer drink en het weer 'n "panic attack" gisteraand gehad. Ek het geen twyfel dat dit die Fortzaar is.

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Posted by: moedeloos benoud | 2013/10/30

My man gebruik fortzaar sekr al vir 10 jaar. Geen probleme. So 2 jaar gelede het dr vir hom crestor en bilocor ook voorgeskryf. Mettertyd met ernstige psoriase begin en so irriterende hoesie. Laaste 6 maande is sy bors so toe en benoud. Hy sit ini aand regop in bed. Kry nie asem. Almal se dis die fortzaar. Maar hoekom het dit vi soveel jare nie invloed op hom gehad nie. Kan die bilocor dt veroorsaak(benoudheid en psoriase)

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Posted by: Casper | 2013/06/27

I have been on Fortzaar 100/25mg for the last 6 years and have stopped smoking recently. I now found that i have continious cough,sometimes a sore throat with swollen glands on both sides of my throat and under my chin. I usually have a post nasal drip. I have gone for various teasts through a ear nose and throat specialist. He reckoned that it was as a result of reflux. But that showed that i do have reflux. They tested me with a wire through the nose for 24 hours and increased my dosage of Nexium to 40 mg. I have hade a camera down my stomach to check for a hernia,but nothing, I had a Barium meal as i developed some kind of problem to swallow properly and the gave me another camera and strecht my Osephagoes with a baloon. They allso gave me a Flicker test on my Thyroid, all in vain as the symtoms still remain. However i did see that it could possibly be the result of some side affect from the Blood pressure pills i take Fortzaar and Vera Hexal 240 . Do you think that this could be the problem

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Posted by: Hedi | 2014/04/09

I have also been on Fortzar for many years and for the past 2 years I have a terrible cough, especially at night like a post nasal thing! I have had tests and all sorts and still the cough is persistent. I even cough so much that I cry and then I vomit all this clear phlegm up. I am also on Venlor 75mg for change of life mood swings. I wish someone could advise us.

Posted by: Clive | 2013/05/04

Hi I am currently using Fortzaar 100/25 using it with other tabs for like Almaddin, Bilicor, now i would like to know if i can use the following Tablets Co-Irbewin 300/12.5i in place of the Fortzaar until i get to my Doc for my 6 month check up

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