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Effects of mastrubation

Does masturbation affects the mental health in anyway? Is is harmful?
Masturbation does affect mental health of a person in an adverse way. Although most doctors believe it does not but I myself being affected with premature ejaculation problem (because of masturbation) and because of knowledge from my friends I do believe that it does affect mental health in in way or another. The affect is not a direct consequence of masturbation. It is important to know that masturbation alone does not harm anything. But the thinking associated with, the guilt and doing it again and again diverts your attention from important things in life toward something unimportant. It is slightly kind of psychology effect because of masturbation. The follworing are the areas where masturabtion plays its negative role on a person's health.

Decrease in Memory Power
Your memory power is affected. You tend to loose your memory power. It becomes difficult for you to remember peoples name, places names and telephone numbers and dates. In a conversation you want to refer to a person but you memory does not support you. It strikes you right when you need it. This is one problem that is caused my masturabion (or i should say by frequent masturbation).
Along with memory reduction you develop something called uncertainity. You are not sure if you have locked the main door or not before going to bed. Many things become uncertain in your mind. You do not remember a clear picture of what happened. You hardly notice it but it is happening slowly and you only come to realize it when it has taken you from all sides.
Although the above two are the main affects on your mental health but the worse is yet to come. The above are something you have naturilly afflicted with if you have this problem of premature ejaculation. The other more serious problem which i have not discussed yet is thinking about your future and yourself. I will discuss them in points.

Phsycological Problems


Addmitting that you are not a complete man
Nowing that you are affected with premature ejaculation problem and that your penis has already been deformed. It reduced in size and erection. It has lost the stiffness what females are looking for, you seem to be isolated from people and even friends. YOu feel shy when it comes to sex talk among friends. You can not experess your self. You know you have some weakness that you can not tell to any one even your bes friend. You like a girl and you want to talk to her but you can not because deep in your mind you know that you are not enough for her. You can not satisfy her. This has has great impact on your life. You are just out of your natural way of living. You are always thinking about yourself, your problem and your future. You just avoid main things that you need to give time too. You studies, your relationship and your friends. This makes your life a lot more difficult.

I cannot marry in my life
Most of such sufferrers are told that we cannot marry and we need a some kind of medicine to boost of sexual power and health so that we can satisfy our wives. Though this might seem to be just a short sentence, it really is a big big problem for those who are suffering from premtaure ejacuation and in specially in those areas where there is no sex educaton. You think that you are not enough for a girl and thus you can not marry. Even if you marry, she will not be happy with you and sooner or later will ask for divorce which will brough shame to me. These are problem that we suffer with all the time. Although the world does not know and they may not feel to them for those sufferer it is a matter of their life. These thinking just further deteriorate their brain power and distract their brain from important things to unimportant things.

Extreme Frustration
These conditon may lead to extreme frustration. The thinking that i can not have sex in my life is just too strong. A man can revert to things that are not natural. He will look for some type of intertainment other than sex with a woman to satisfy his lust which will eventually push him to go into wrong doing that that are againt etiquite and against nature.

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Posted by: don't ask | 2005/10/15

well for those who are making fun out of this matter are going to experience these problems alone and going to regret the day they neglegted such facts. I know I have every problem mentioned here becasue i just cannot stop masturbating. This is my fourth year in unuversity and I am having hard time studying because my short and long memory is so weak because of my habit. But if I manage to live a week or two without masturbating, my behavior and memory starts to get better. so I think it is not too late to correct these problems if and only if one was ableto stop or rduce this habit. One additional problem I am facings is premature hair falling.
I eaven reached the level of like visiting many doctors who recommended that i should eliminate or reduce this habit and everything will get better.
Unfortunetly, I was looking for the page that summerises the problems but also provide the solution for such problem. I am disappointed that till now no one was able to provide real solutions. Another problem resulting from law memory is that the man fins it hard to talk to a girl because due to loss of memory he has nothing in memory to say. Guyes this is a real problem like drugs and smoke once a person is makes it a habit it is hard to stop it. But hay instead of judging each other's opinions why don't we put our hands together and try solving it.
According to some solutions that I am thinking of trying is reevaluating my values and try becoming more religious because outside traditions and materialistic cultures god will alwasy be beside every person. I hope that each one interested in this subject takes this information under consideration.

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Posted by: sam | 2005/05/05

hi i want to know whether masturbation afects bodybuilding.

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Posted by: long dong | 2005/05/03

i think u just need a good man to give u some nice dick.hehehe

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Posted by: raj the indian prince | 2005/04/30

I dont think amy has a penis, i think her bf use to force her to suck his dick and she got sick and tired of it. now she wants guys not to get horney anymore

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Posted by: logistic | 2005/04/26

excess of every thing is bad whether it is matrubation or some thing else. but as for as masturbation is concerned, it is an unnatural way of ejaculating byself. i do sex with my partner as well as mastubate some times when i am away from her or during her mensuration period. i did not felt any thing went wrong with me but above 40 years of age i sudenly realised that my penis size has been reduced by a bit and that some times i loose its stiffness before ejaculation once i get errection.
in fact its not only the mastrubation that causes ur sexual health but there is a human psychology that plays a very vital role in ur sexual strength and power and sustainability. feelings, imagination, perception and likeness does affect your sexual health. as more as u do mental work u will be less active in sex and so ur sexual power will decrease. u will become more sensitive and isolated. once u realise that u have got some trouble with ur sex, it will psychologically affect ur sexuality almost every time u think of doing sex. u will be caught in a sex trape. therefore in my opinion ur mental health is positively related to ur sexual health.
on the other hand ur physical activities or daily excercise will have a positive effect on ur sexual health. sleeping in time and waking up early will add in ur sexual power.
mastrubation byself is totally dependent on what u imagine about. without imagination u can not get errection if u are alone and not dreaming. as long as u do mastrubation u get more and more pressure on ur brain untill unless u get ejaculation because ur body recieves the sexual pleasure through ur brain. and hence it reduces ur brain power and results in headache some times. in contrast a real sex generates the sexual pleasure through ur body parts in the form of sex messages from ur partner which results in relexation of ur brain and does not affect ur mental health hence ur sexual power sustains in the long term.
in the last there is much difference in the after sex feelings between mastrubation and real sex. one can not deny this fact if he is gone through real sex too. that means to say that a mastrubation is an incomplete/inefficient process of geting orgasm which leads to many frustations about sex.

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Posted by: krishna | 2005/04/20

i am krishna i am 19 years old.yes, according to me this bull shit is true.look,if i stop mastrubating now for good,can i recover?

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Posted by: ohman | 2005/04/16

dear amy,you tend to know a lot about male mastrubation...I presume you have a penis too?

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Posted by: bbayboy | 2005/04/11

ive been masturbating since 12, and since after doing kegels, i can now masturbate for 1-4 hrs depending on time and my mood. essentially i go on for however long i want, thanks to the control u develop doing these exercises. and believe me its an experience nearing pleasure of sex! if u hv any qs put them on this board, i can try to help.

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Posted by: bbayboy | 2005/04/11

hey amy, i dont really believe all that you have written. wat i can say is, it is a healthy part of life, but do not spend a lot of time behind it o get obsessed. still i dont think anything of what you have written will happen even if someone wanks daily. another tip, do kegel exercises starting NOW and for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. you will remember this day and forum. just search on the internet for kegels and do them right daily. but again, just dont go overboard, slow and steady wins the race. im 25 and have been doing for about 2 yrs, and i dont remember having better orgasms than i do today, and yes, rock solid. dont take any herbs or shit, do simple exercises, coz its again just another damn muscle down there :)

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Posted by: jl | 2005/04/08

i am 14 yrs old and i started masturbating at the young age i think 8. I didnt even know that i was masturbating. I started it by an accident. I had pain in my legs, eye-floaters, and a tremor. Pain in legs got away by itself and pain in the knees started. I walk in a lose style and i tend to stand on one leg rather then two legs. Then, when i was 13, i had testicular torsion and i was in hospital for 10 days and i had to be injected twice a day. After a surgery and other treatment for torsion all my symptoms disappeared and i was fit. So it is curable. But unfortunately i started it again and all the symptoms again started. Now i have pain in lower back too. Does this mean that i will have premature ejacution like you mentioned even if i quit masturbation for next 10yrs?

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Posted by: me | 2005/03/31

Informative article Amy. Please ignore the comments of the people here. The only one who will agree with you is the one who is suffering from these symptoms. I am from US and here everybody thinks that masturbation is good for the body. Well it might me good if you do it occasionally but one thing is for sure frequent masturbation (once or twice a day) is not good for your health. I will not go into a lot of detail but a person's health is ruined if he continues frequent masturbation over a long period of time due to the simple fact that it wreks havoc with your body's hormonal system. Frequent masturbator losses the level of testosterone in his body and this results in all the symptoms you described above. Here in US more than 60% males over the age of 40 use some kind of erectile disfunction drug like viagra. It is due to the simple fact that they masturbated frequently during their younger years. but unfortunatly they do not know the real reason and try to blame it on other factors. It is also a fact that the erectile dusfunction problem has increased dramatically over the last 50 years or so. it coincides with spread of the belief that masturbation is good or okay for the body because before that people were a little more religious and avoided masturbation. Plus, in various surveys more then 75% women said that they are not satisfied with their partner's penis size or do not get satisfied during sex. Here again the real cause i.e masturbation is overlooked and they try to determine other reasons for this and are still unsuccessfull. In the mean time the drug companies (who most probably know the real reason) are making millions of dollars.

Like I said do not get offended with the remarks of the people here. They will figure it out when they develop the adverse symptoms of masturbation and even then most will not know what actually caused their health to deteriorate.

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Posted by: J | 2005/03/28

People, please stop reading and It is obviously a scam. Their trying to SELL YOU STUFF. I find it very sickening how they use psuedo-scientific BS explanations just to sell you their products.

Imagine the fear that some people think that every time they masturbate they are somehow harming themselves. Semen is nothing more than waste that must be excreted from the body, no different than defecation or urination.

No, im just kidding. Truth is.........
Masterbatieon drains ur spinal fluid and depletes impoartant brain chemicals and stunts ur growth cuz it depletes ur hormonez.

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Posted by: prasad | 2005/03/27

do health will affect due to daily mastrubation?

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Posted by: WTF | 2005/03/24

uhm......all i can say is the following:


..and Amy's walking in front.

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Posted by: www | 2005/03/24

Amy, is this information pertaining to children or adults?

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Posted by: XXX | 2005/03/24

Wow !!!!!!! Why dont Anti - Amy

Go and cell you long story's to somebody else. THis is Fu......

If you write books like this, there will be no time to wank yourself.

Agh !!!!

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Posted by: Amy | 2005/03/23

I was really begining to wonder if anyone out there feels the same.


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Posted by: Unknown | 2005/03/23

Amy = Many thanks for taking the time for posting this.Ignore the rude postings ;-)

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Posted by: Dad | 2005/03/23

Well Done with you all the way!

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Posted by: oi_please! | 2005/03/22

If anyone was really this worried, then anyone could do a search on the internet and find all this info for themselves, please do not bludgeon the forum with such long, cut&paste messages.

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Posted by: GBB | 2005/03/22

The loss of memory is from smoking something. Get a life.

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Posted by: anti - Amy | 2005/03/22

Amy.......what the hell???? PLease don't just copy and paste from whatever stupid source you got on the internet, Pleaaze!!!

And by the way "amy", i masturbate a lot ,and i mean a lot,
and my penis is not deformed in any way.....

jjislaaik, you stupid b**ch

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Posted by: Amy | 2005/03/18

Effects of Masturbation on health


What effect masturabation has on body and general health? How does it affect it?
Masturbation does have an adverse effect on the body. The real symtoms may not appear soon. Actually the symptoms will appear only after the person is regularly masturbatiing for a long period of time [3 to 5 years]. The number of ejaculation per day (or ejaculations on a time) may also have different levels of harmfullness on the body. The following are the results of masturbation.
Pain in the legs
You feel pain in the leg muscles. The pain is not severe but it is like you want to sit rather than stand. When when you sit the pain diappears. This pain can only be felt if you have weakened yourself severely through masturbation (although you would look perfectly ok from appearance). As from my experience I can not stand for a long period of time withought feeling this pain. If I masturbate on a day and I have to do standing work on that day, the probelm is more obvious. I feel that i do not want to stand. It might appear as a myth but it is a fact from my own experience ( It is also been discussed by some local literatures). Futhermore if you do not masturbate then when stand you stand stiff and hard. With this problem you stand kind of relax and do not look energetic at all and try to push weight on one of the leg rather than standing on both legs. See the picture Picture of Leg

Pain in the lower back
This is another area where you feel the pain. The pain appears soon after you masturbate. In tough games like squash where you use your back very often, this problem become even more clear. This problem is also discusses in local literature and is pinpointed. It might seem absurd ( by doctor ) but it is true. Yes is not a myth. The question is I do masturbate but i never felt this pain! The answer is you wouldn't feel it unless you are weak enough to feel that. This problem only appears when you have weakened yourself serverly with masturbation and you have experience the premature ejaculation problem( as in my case). But this is a true cause of masturbation.

Wrinkles in the base of the Penis
Your penis develops wrinkles in its base. The base of your penis is narrower than the head which should be vice versa. To have look at what i am saying, examing the pic deformed penis

Diminishes penis hardness and erection size
Your penis looses its hardness. If you press your penis between to fingers, your fingers will literally touch each other. This is becasue you penis has lost is power to retain sperms during sexual intercouse. It is because of this that you leak semens even when you think about women. Even when you have an erection it is not hard enoough and you can still squeeze your penis between fingers. This all shows that your penis became weak due to masturbation. A normal and healthy penis is hard like rock and it can be not be sqeeze a little whe it is hard. Even when it is limp has has stength so that you press it between fingers, you feel there is something inside.

You leek when you touch a woman or think about her
This is one of the serious problem, that develops because of the frequent masturbation. As i mentioned your penis looses its hardness and stiffness. As a result of that your penis can not control your semens to leak when you think about a girl or touch her. This is a major problem casued by masturbation. The problem does not end here. If you touch a girl, you will ejaculate right at her touch (forget about havig naked with her). This is the point where people realise later that they did something wrong. The problem is very severe. You can not satisfy you partner. You are weak in all departments: You erection size is first of all affect, you lost appropirate hardness, you may not maintain erection for long time and you ejaculate with out having intercourse. This is people are afraid of marriage. They know they can not satisfy their partner and thier marriage will be a disaster. Check out my link to Fear from Marriage . Is there any solution to this problem? As far as i know, there is no soluction. The only solution is to avoid this not to happen. However doctors have other opinoins about it and there are some websites which tell you that you will be ok when you marry. All you need is an understanding partner. You can check my link of Masturbation Excersises . I have basically copied this text from a website Unfortunately I could't find the same material again on that website so i wrote what ever was there in my own page. If you think you already have this problem, dont be shy and through some comments about it.

Premature Ejaculation
This is the ultimate problem caused by over masturbation. Your penis looses it strength and it can not more control ejaculation during sexual encounters. The problem can be more severe. YOu may ejaculate right at the site of seeing a naked women withough even touch her. I have explained this else where in my website but let me tell you again why does that happen. You penis emily loose its hardness and stiffness which is necessary to hold the neverves tight in your penis. If they go loose, the semens will ooze out slowly right at the start of sexual foreplay. Here you will leak semens even when you start thinking about a girl. The second severe problem whichs is attached to this problem is that this oosing out is release of energy. Remember when you ejaculate, you release energy and you feel fatiqued. The stronger the ejaculation is the more fatique it is. Now if this is fatique and you leak semens, you are loseing engery for another sexual encounter. Yes this is the second problem where you greatly suffer. Nowing that a healthy man can have sex once every day, for you you can have sex once every weak. This is because ejaculation does mean spelling out a lot of energy. This is another problem which may cause problem in married life as you wont be able to have as many encounter with your wife as you should have for a newly married couple, leave alone that your sexual experience is not that great. Let me come back to the point why you ejaculate at the site of seeing a naked woman. Say for normal man 10 is the level of joy to have satisfactory ejaculation. This is because his penis is strong enough to endure all the pleasur end not ejaculated. A person with premature ejacualtion problem, when reaches level 4, for example, his penis looses control because it cannot withstand the pleasure level and will discharge semens. If you are feeling hot and you abruply saw a naked women in bathroom which you found very exciting, you reached level 9 at that point,say. But your penis can only experience healthy pleausre withou ejaculating at level 5 not level 9. So your penis ejaculates right at the point without even touching her. What happens after that? Does the women gets satisfied this way? No. How well are you satisfied? (well i am satisfied but i am not happy because my partner is not satisfied with it). Is it good sex? (No it is not). This is all because of the masturbation. Now you may go wild to find a cure for that, but to my knowledge there is not cure. However this is some hope which i have discussed in this website. I will organize this site more in future.
Decrease in stamina
Yes another area. Yes you do not feel energetic after masturbation. This is little controvercial. Because you might feel engergetic sometimes after mastrubation. It depends on how often you masturbate. The frequency of maturbation is a real factor and cases my be different from person to person.

Doctor's Opinion
I have discussed every thing here from my own knowledge and experience. I never discussed what doctor says about it. I did visit doctors about this problem. All of them agreed that this is not a problem at all and that i am ok. But i do not agree with this. The premature ejaculation is a very serious probelem. It damages you physically (though no one can see it ) and it disturbs you mentally (again you are on your own with it). You do not have a confortable healthy life. You can't have healthy enjoyble sex. It just ruins your life alltogather.

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Posted by: Amy | 2005/03/18

What is masturbation? Is it good or bad?
Masturbation is a common practice among teenagers. Masturbation is the stimulation of one's own sexual organ by hand (or by other means) to ejaculate and get sexual satisfaction. Many youngsters start masturbation at a young age. They don't know about its consequences are and they continue on this bad practice. Eventually they end up with many problem. Due to the nature of the problem they are not able to discuss it with any one, not even parents. Due to lack of knowledge, those little problems create serious problems in their life esp. in their youth period. Their behavior is changed altogether. Their performance in education is affected. They fail to give enough attention to their studies. Their behavior with females becomes somewhat strange and unnatural because they think they are not enough for them. They think that they can never have sex in their life. This creates a lot of frustration in their mind. They tend to satisfy their thirst for sex but they are unable to do so. They think they are in serious kind of disease ( this is mis education ) and try to find out cure in one way or another. They go to hakims to find some cure but they fail to help them. They consult doctors but they are of no help either. Their life is being affected in a bad way and no one no one knows about it. It becomes their only aim in life to find a cure for this problem and they put the rest of his work on stake. They fail to enjoy anything else in life. This creates a lot of space in their mind. Their brain is open to all kind of wrong ideas. They are alone in this fight against their sexual problem and they try to solve it all on their own. Unfortunately our society is not so open to discuss these issues in public. Our parent are shy and do not discuss sex education with their children. I have made this page for those brothers who have fallen into the habit of masturbation. They do not know what it is and how it can affect their health late in their lives. This page is basically to provide sex education to young teenagers from 12 years and above in Pakistan and to the people of the world. If you are at least twelve years old please keep on reading. This page is for you. These pages do not contain any sexually explicit material and is safe for you to read it.

Besides discussing masturbation in detail i will discuss sex education briefly for teenagers. I will try to simplify things by question and answers type format so that the text is to the point and easy to understand.

When does youngster start Masturbation?
Youngsters normally discover masterubation at a young age as 12-15. But it various from person to person. The actual date of starting the masturbation in youngsters depends on the family trend. Like in some families younger reach adulthood at the age of 9 and in some they become adults as late as 16. The body trends can be a good indication of a person being adult. Note that younger girls also obtain puberty at the same age. By the way do you know that girls also masturbate? Yes they do!
Is masturbation harmful?
This question may not be important to every one esp if you have not started masturbation or you do not do it frequently. However if you are very excited about sex (and masturbation), you should bear in mind that masturbation is harmful. This question is quite controversial because many people including doctors say it is not harmful at all and as a matter of fact they say it is very healthy. But there are a lot of other people like 'hakims' and common people who say it is harmful. Knowing the point of views of both the people and being a person who has been affected by it, i can tell you that masturbation is harmful. However i do not want you to get scared of it. The harmful effects of masturbation are slow and spans on a long duration of time. Say if you are masturbating 2 times a day every day for two years, you will get yourself in trouble. Only then will you know that you got yourself in some problem because of masturbation. I have mentioned in detail the problems of over masturbation (or too much masturbation) in the left column of the page. Bear in mind that I do NOT support hakims. If you have already have problems with masturbation, You should consult a doctor.
The harmful effects of masturbation include discharge of semen when u think about girl, reduction in penis size, tappering of penis in the base (shrinkage in the base), reduced erection size, reduced amount of orgasm and the worst of all premature ejaculation. All of these problems are big problems by themselves but thinking that they are all caused because of too much masturbation, i will say that masturbation is harmful.

Now there is interesting question, I masturbate for a long period of time and am continuing it without any worries and one day i find out that i have all these problems ( that i leek when i think about girls and my penis has shrinked in the base and i ejaculate too early and can not control my self). Why do not i do not know the gradual 'bad' effects of masturbation? Why was i so oblivoius of myself that i did even look at my genitals that is is shrinking a little bit and that it is leaking also. Well it all happens in total ignorance on the subject and the fact we are happy amusing ourselve, we just do noot look at anything else. We are happy in 'our own world' and do not care what else is going on. My point is that since this process is very slow and span over long period of time, we should, ourself, know at some stage, that 'hey i noticed something wrong with my penis and i leak also', we dont we notice it? In my case I was totally ignorance of the effects of masturbation, I found out when a friend of mine told me about this which scared me to death. He gave me a pamphlet which said that ever masturbation will cause these problem and you will not be able to satisfy your wife and hence it will cause your marriage to break. At this i was scared to hill because i used to masturbate. When i went home and i thought about girl and thought about checking myself ( even though i was scared because i did have that problem what would i do?). I check the tip of my penis scarily and i noticed that i was leaking. Then when i had looked at my penis, it had also shrunk in the base. Eventually everything that was their in the pamphlet came out true for me. So in my case it was ignorance and lake of sex education. Secondly since i never had any sexual activity with any one i did not know much about it. Hence i would the big culprit in this case is ignorance. You are doing something and you do not know its effect because either you just enjoy it and no one else informs you about that. No one ever told me a single word about sex because our society ( Pakistan ) is not that much open. Parent never talk to their children about sex and they are very easy victims of this kind of problems. So you better talk to your parents or try yourself to get some knowledge about it.

Now the harmful effects of masturbation are not just restricted to those physical problems that i have discussed. It also effects memory. It will also effect your social behavior because you would tend to be isolated and lonely. Eventually if you fall into all this problems there will be a new kind of world for you, which will not be a reality. Your world will be full of frustration. All you will think about is that you are not enough for a girl and you will never be married. I have been through all this and I do not want anyone to go in that direction. It is better to educate yourself about it.

Lastly if you masturbate do not think that you will get weak and lean ( slim). Infect you will look perfectly alright. You could get lean and weak if you have some other personnel problems that you are worried about. But bear in mind that masturbation alone will not make you lean and weak. And since you are in puberty which is the period you are full with energy, you will never notice these things. The best you can do is try to stop masturbation. This will be extremely good for you older life and for your sex life after marriage.

This question my not be important to every you if you have just attended puberty. But this is important in a sense that if you are aware of the facts you will be more caution in your future. Yes masturbation can be harmful to your health. Now when i say health, i am not discussing your health from the point of view that you will become meager and slim so that every one will guess you have masturbation. Infect you will appear pretty much ok. However internally you will ge getting weak. It also has diverse effect your memory.
If it is harmful to body, in which way it is harmful?
Due to excessive masturbation, your penis becomes weak. It starts to leak semen whenever you think of a girl. If you start copulating with a girl you will discharge so quickly that it will not be acceptable to the girl. You will not able to enjoy your sex life because you would not be able to hold yourself during sex. You will try to find some means so that you do not ejaculate. Mastrubation affects your penis size also. Your penis becomes narrow at the base. It becomes much softer. It looses its hardness. Its size diminishes and so does its erection. It is a great handicap for many men. The lower back of your body becomes weak also. You are not able to stand for a longer time. Your legs are weakened like wise. You feel pain in your legs, if you stand or play for a longer period of time. Your stamina is decreased.
Does masturbation has any effect on brain?
Yes. Although not directly. It does affect your brain in one way or another. For example it decreases your memory power. You seem to forget things that you should remember. You become uncertain about many things. You can't remember dates and events exactly. You are not sure weather you have locked the door or not. You mind becomes a sort of uncertain. You think that you can not marry. It devastates your life.
Does masturbation has any other bad effect besides these?
Yes, the points I just mentioned is only the beginning. After you are inflicted with these problems, an problem starts: how to cope with this issue. You think that you are not enough for a girl ( you can not satisfy a girl sexually), you start to stay away from girls but it doesn't solve your problems because they are meant for you. You want to talk to a girl but you can't talk. You can't express yourself. You are coping with this issue only on your own, hoping that someday i will get fine and be able to marry happily. You think that even if you marry your wife will get divorce from you or she will not care about me because you will be no good to her. All these thinking in mind decreases your efficiency a gret deal. You are not able to concentrate on your studies as a result you do not get enough marks. You end going to a poor university. Your career is greatly affected. You are entangled in problem after problem while the actual problems remain steadfast on it's place.
I want to masturbate badly what shall i do?
If you want to masturbate badly, you can masturbate. Infect it is better to masturbate. It keeps you away from committing a bigger sin. Masturbation is a healthy thing if you do it only to satisfy your needs and do not make it your habit. But the fact is can be your habit.
How often can a man masturbate?
Some masturbate every day some twice every day, some once every weak and some once every month. The real frequency of masturbation various from person to person. However if you mastrubate twice a day, this is too much and can put you in severe problems. Does masturbation affects the penis size?
When i started mastrubation i thought it was increasing my penis size. But i never heard of it from any one else. It doesn't increase or decrease the penis size, I think. The fact that you penis grows at a rapid speed in your early teen years may think you that way.
Does masturbation effects height?
This question can arise among teenagers because they grow during this period rapidly. There is not good proof that masturbations affects the height of a person and masturbation by itself does not affect the height at all. However when you take a cold bath and you masturbate, the combination of hot and cold can make your growth slow. You body gets hot during masturbation while the cold water makes it cool.I would say one should avoid this.

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Posted by: Amy | 2005/03/18

How is masturbation related to penis size and structure? Does it have any bad effect on it?
Non frequent masturbation does not have any bad effect on the health of the penis. The penis remain healthy big, hard and energetic. However if you masturbate too often ( twice a day every day or like that), it might have very bad effect on your penis size. Masturbation will lead to Premature Ejaculation problem. You will not be able to satisfy your partner and bring her to orgasm. You may not be able to have proper sexual inercourse. Here is the signicicant change that you will see in your penis afte you are inflected with premature ejaculation problem.
The penis will become narrow in the base and thick near the tip. The penis will look like shrink near its base. This is because the penis loses its regidity and hardness and therefor erection size.
The erection size decreases. Since the stiffness of the penis decreases considerbly. Infact if you squees the penis between your fingers you fingers will almost touch each other. This can be easily felt when the penis is not erect. On erection the penis will do get some of it's stiffness but it will never be like the one that is normal, very hard and ofcourse stiff.
You loose stiffneess and hardness considerably. This ofcoure comes as one of the aftermath of the excessive masturbation. Your penis cannot attain that hardness that it should attain for a healthy sex. Theoritically even you attain that hardness [ if you are very excited ] you can't help ejaculating it by merely rubbing it one or two times. That means you can't have healthy sex!
Although the above three are the main deformation of your penis dure to masturbation or premature ejaculation, the penis leaks each time you think of a fantasy. Many times you even have an erection when you penis is not fully erect or hardly erect! Yes this is true. This is all because of low sexual power due to masturbation.

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