Posted by: Loun | 2007/01/09


Early pregnancy sonar

Hi there!

Would like to find out how soon a sonar can be done to determine pregnancy. Is it possible to see anything on a sonar when only 9 days pregnant?? If so, what will one be able too see?? I went for a checkup yesterday and the doctor noticed something black and immediately did a urine pregnancy test. She was amazed that it was negative. Could this mean that I am pregnant and should wait until my period to do another test?

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Posted by: letisa | 2014/06/02

hi im so worried a few months back i had a miscarrige, the baby stop growing on 6weeks nd a week ago i found myself 2be pregnant again, can i go for an early sonar to see if the baby is doing well

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Posted by: Mpumi | 2014/02/25

Hi de wen I'm nt sure weathr am pregnant or nt I've been feelling dis kada dizziness n I eat a lot slip n igt tired so easy n I fyt wth ma fiancé each n evry day plz help chud ib pregnant or wat?

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Posted by: Cinderella | 2013/11/08

hi i did a home pregnany test while i was three weeks and it came out positive and i went to a sonar while i was eight weeks it also showed so i think wait u skeep your periods and for some few weeks then also a blood test could help you !

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Posted by: Zen | 2007/01/09

I was only about 2 and a half weeks pregnant when I had my first sonar. Unfortunately when it's that early, they have to do an internal sonar (yuck!) and they can't see much. In my case, they only saw the gestational sac, but wasn't sure if there was anything in the sac.

Sonars are usually better once you are 6weeks or more along.

When was your last cycle? What makes you think you are 9 days pregnant? Sometimes you can have what they call a "fluid mass" that may look like a gestational sac.

Maybe you should wait until you miss your period?

Good luck

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Posted by: Polly | 2007/01/09

I think it is best to do a blood test. I had done more than 3 home test & they were all negative and the blood test proved otherwise..



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Posted by: Tammy | 2007/01/09


i did 3 home preggie tests - all negative - did a blood test - bam it was positive.

surprised your gynea never did blood works though????

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