Posted by: Mom2B | 2006/08/01


Does Discovery cover Circumcision cost?

DH and I don't know if we're having a boy or girl but discussed circumcissing if we have a little boy, which we would really like to do. Has anyone made enquiries from Discovery if this is covered and if so, is it covered by the hospital or savings plan (I would think hospital as it's regarded as a surgical procedure).

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Posted by: karin | 2006/08/01

discovery paid both my sons circumsision bills, had it done in hospital before i left. xxx

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Posted by: Heather | 2006/08/01

Ours cost R1000 - doctors fee only - do it while you are still in the hospital if possible, otherwise you have to pay theatre fees as well.

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Posted by: Mpho | 2006/08/01

Hi Mom2B

I have been told that they do not cover for circumsision when I was registering my baby on Vitality. The guy was so helpful. He even send me a copy with all the stuff listed that discovery won't cover. You can request that at Discovery sothat yu do not get surprised when you receive a bill from the hospital.

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Posted by: little mo | 2006/08/01

This is not covered by hospital or MSA, you have to pay the cost directly. Find out from the hospital which doctors do it and work out the best cost available. Its also cheaper to go to a local gp that is registered to do this, maybe your doctor can help.

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Posted by: Matisse | 2006/08/01

I am having a boy and when I called for my hospital number for the delivery they said that they do not cover it. I am unsure though if they meant under the delivery authorisation number or in general. Call a urologist... they might know better.

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