Posted by: Deon | 2012/10/12



Has anyone tried DAMAC FOR MEN (PURPLE PACK) and doed it work as per their adverts ?

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Posted by: ansi | 2014/05/13

can woman also use Damac ???

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/01/25

If a woman take damac wht will happen?can a woman take damac.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/09/27

Hi Have never tried this but for erectile dysfunction I have found the following to work www. Product called Vigueur I have no affiliation or anything to do with them but after trying various health and adult shop products, found this one and man does it work I am a white male aged 50

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Posted by: kevin | 2013/04/09

what are the composition of damac? how does it work? where can it be bought? how much? do you need a script from a doctor?

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Posted by: ashley | 2013/01/12

My email addy is

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Posted by: ashley | 2013/01/12

Im sure it does to a certain extent or else they woudnt be advertising it so extensively.. The key ingredients do sound dubious though!

But it woudnt make sense for any company to list ALL their products ingredients on their package. I do believe I know what their key ingredient is ..and its not listed on the pack..

It is the only proven natural testosterone booster for men. so if low testo is the cause of your ED then yes Damac may work for you. I have extensive knowledge of this ingredient and how it works in the male body ..especially for libido and how to use it in its natural form . Feel free to contact me should you want to know more..

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/07/23

how many pills do you have to drink

Posted by: Rene | 2013/07/17

Damac was suggested to me above all other products while in Dischem is that because of their marketing or results and why would their core ingredient not be advertised on the box .Any further info on the product would be much appreciated.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/06/07

Please tell me more about natural testosterone booster

Posted by: Joash Reddy | 2012/11/02

Does Damac for men help for erectile dysfunction?

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