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CloseMyer Green Slimming Tea

those that use it, how often do u drink it? what is the taste like? how much do u usually loose in 7 days?

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Posted by: lee | 2014/07/22

I hv bot the tea m about to finish the 1st box bt m nt loosing nor gaining does upset my stomach and I sometimes hv the cramp...wht could b wrong I only drink 3 cups of the tea with the same 2 teabags a day

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Posted by: Sanza | 2014/06/29

I like it its working for me buy the problem is that afta drinking the tea for five days I start to menstruate and it won't stop until I stop drinking it,please help me I want to loose weight and this tea is working for me!

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Posted by: andy | 2014/06/19

its working wonders im using it

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/06/12


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Posted by: winnie | 2014/06/10

Please help, when should this tea be taken....before or after a meal?????????

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/05/15

Hi, im a big fan of the tea but the first 3 days you get bad cramps but i drink warm water to ease the pain and it works. i have been drinking it for 3 weeks my weight was 67kg now im a whooping 62kg. it really does work. cut down the plate size and eat whole grain food. it superB.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/05/06

I started drinking it yesterday ,but my God ,am going to toilet like never before.I hope it will work

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/04/03

where can I get it in Nelspruit? would really like to try it...

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Posted by: nokuthula | 2014/03/15

just bought mine today i hope it will work for me holding thumps

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Posted by: Zodwa | 2014/02/25

this is an amazing tea, i have tried so many green teas and none of those have given me such incredible results. this slimming tea worked for me the fisrt night of taking it though i did not sleep that night, the loo and i were friends, my tummy was huge in December 2013 and counldnt wear my dresses without putting on the body tights all the time but in a week after using this tea i was able to wear my clothes freely without seeing a bulging belly. i recommend this tea for everyone to try it for as long as your system takes it well then why not.

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Posted by: Lady | 2014/02/19

Hi, Can you still get pregnant after using this tea?

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Posted by: Lady | 2014/02/19

Can you still get babies in the future after you lost weight when using this tea?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/02/05

I LOST A WHOPNG 6kg in a month i am combining the tea with the gym and its working

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Posted by: butterfly | 2014/02/03

I used it before for 9 months and lost an amazing 41 kg, only used one tea bag at night. I start to use it again lastnight after loosing my unborn baby at 32 weeks. It works!!

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Posted by: winnie | 2014/06/10

Butterfly....were you taking it before or after a meal??

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/01/21

Great stuff..try it and see results. Works for me.

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Posted by: barbs | 2014/01/19

oh and i was taking this tea once a day in the mornings and doing the same currently...please help im feeling really down.....

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Posted by: Barbs | 2014/01/19

I started taking this tea about 5months ago once a day and I was getting the cramps and going to the loo and thus loosing weight and then my box got finished and could not get tea for a while but then found it again about 2months back however im not getting the same effect....Wot should i do???? please help???

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Posted by: trishli | 2013/11/05

How long does it take after taking the tea to start going to the toilet?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/05/15

Hi, it takes about 5 to 6 hours depending on your metabolism. however it works wonder.

Posted by: Consty | 2013/11/04

Pls I really need someone to give me details on d effectiveness of this tea for weight loss. I need to shed 30 kgs.

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Posted by: Shaz | 2013/08/30

I jus started drinking slimming tea so i want to know how long must i continue drinking it because m not going to a gym wil it work

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Posted by: mots | 2013/03/16

i am used to taking a cup a day keesp my body well, my weight is low and pps are gone for good

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Posted by: annah lesenyeho | 2013/04/13

Is work

Posted by: MIAsunsh | 2011/02/07

Hey just becoming a member, glad to be in! I''m Dani and I''m inspired by my husband, I''m a fan of operating and getting wholesome :)

I''ve been concerned in some other forums and have uncovered this area to have a good deal more desirable content, so it tends to make sense to ultimately publish!

PS, how do I make myself have a cool title like some people here have?

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Posted by: Juicesun | 2011/02/06

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Posted by: ELVERINE LEWIS | 2010/08/31

were can i buy this product and how much is it

Posted by: Arista | 2010/08/24

I jus started using it and am going to the toilet like hell i hope it gonna work for me coz i really want to shed some kilos

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Posted by: lk | 2010/08/24

I buy it at our local spar even pick &  pay had it at one stage, ask them to order it. It really works!

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Posted by: Juanita | 2010/08/16

Where do you buy, searching high and low. Cause somone gave it to me to try and worked

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Posted by: S-p | 2010/07/24

I bought it after reading about it on here, but it was WAY to strong for me, I can''t drink it, makes me sick - its no wonder it would be slimming, could not eat for most of the day :-)

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Posted by: Colleen | 2010/07/24

I use it twice a day, every second day. Have lost 1.8 in 1 week, but that is in conjuction with my healthy low GI menu plans

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Posted by: Debs | 2010/07/23

I drink it once a day .

I lost 5 kg in two weeks

it taste like any herbal tea just close your eyes and drink it
i will stop it after a moth becos of laxative effects on it
I have two weeks to Go!
I am hoping to loose 8kg by the time i finish it

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Posted by: Aphiwe | 2013/07/18

Hi Debs, do you use the tea only or gym and the tea?.

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