Posted by: ???? | 2009/11/30


cleaning my womb...

hey ladies what can i drink to clean my womb,

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Posted by: Sneh | 2014/07/27

Guyz i've been trying to fall preg since 2011 but i Cant my Husband need a child whats can i do?,last time i cheacked i had someting on my womb Dr confermed that nd he gave me someting to get ride of it but its does'nt work,he said i have to go to hospital for oparetion im so scared help

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Posted by: Mazet | 2014/07/05

I thnk is better to do pap smear

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/06/30

If im 3weeks pregnant what is da easy way to do an arbotion plz i need help

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Posted by: Primrose | 2014/04/30

I think its bttr to consult a Dr rather than listening to other people's thought,but cleaning Womb its a good idea ;)

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Posted by: kay-cee | 2014/02/12

hi tanya can you please help me to get some abortion pills. I was raped wile going home from school im 3 months pregnant and i could really use your help if you can

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/02/12

hi tanya can you please help me to get some abortion pills. I was raped wile going home from school im 3 months pregnant and i could really use your help if you can

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Posted by: Tanya | 2014/01/22

hey I dd took abortion pills n womb cleaning tables bt I think something is wrong I feel a lot of discomfort n m not hv normal periods only dry blood cumz out n ma stomach is aching almost every day in an usually way . Please help

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Posted by: precious | 2013/11/30

I havn't been on my periods since october and I've never skipt a month since I started periods ..and I had intercors during that I pregnant or there's something wrong with my womb?

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Posted by: juniour | 2013/11/21

i n ma g.f we want a child but she daz nt fall pregnent and we hav bin tryng for so many timez. What we can do?

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Posted by: Ciara | 2013/11/16

So guyz aperson like me whu doesnt evn go 2 periods meanwhile i use prevention wht mst i do whn a wnt 2 fll prgnant fast? Cz a already stop the injection bt still ther z no menstruation

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Posted by: Nicki | 2013/11/03

haarlemen n Lewensessens help with cleanin kidney..enklek all LENNON MEDICATI0NZ hlpz n cleanz ur b0dy..y nt read em 4 urslvz???

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Posted by: thully | 2013/10/16

if you have miscarriage what to use to clean your womb?

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Posted by: Maggie | 2014/05/06

if you had miscarage what to use clean the womb.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/09/25

I want 2 fall pregnant,i tried 4 a year now bt its nt happening,i already have an eight year old.i cnt afford gynae,cn d cause b dt i used depo-deprovera 4 6yrs?

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Posted by: Me me | 2013/09/17

Its necessary to clean ur womb if u had a miscarriage,abortion and or if u wana fall preg...go to ur gynae...u dont wana have premature labour,,,,so do wats best!

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Posted by: rosey | 2013/04/16

hahahaha guyz y?? ineed suggesion

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Posted by: Lenzo | 2010/01/04

Pardon me. Why wud you want to clean it? what happened? How do u know it needs some cleaning? Get booked for a Pap Smear. That way you will know what is that you have to do. You don' t just wake up in the morning and decide I want to clean a womb like cleaning the stomach. NO NO!

You clean the stomach because you know what you' ve eating is not right. what is it that went in there that was not clean?

If you are suffering from thrush then your Gynae will have to prescribe viginal creams.

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Posted by: carol | 2009/11/30

it is very dangerous to use products which have not been prescibed by a doctor or clinic sister for ' ' leaning the womb" . A lot of damage can occur.
PLEASE rather go and have a check up at your clinic or at your doctor.
Betadine contains iodine and some people are very allergic to iodine and that can lead to a very dangerous reaction!
Domestos and jik (even though I think you were joking) is a terrible thing to suggest because someone could take this seriously!!
Let' s be responsible when making suggestions.

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Posted by: ....222.. | 2009/11/30


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Posted by: Popi | 2009/11/30

Why Betadine Zintle. If you have not used it yourself and see if it is safe to use it, how can you advise someone to use something you have never tried. Have you ever thought of the What ifs? after this advise of taking something you have never used. Imaging giving your child a poisonous substance because some friend of yours told you so. Hhayi people

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Posted by: Zintle | 2009/11/30

You get this from the Pharmacy, I' ve never used it though but a lot of women out there do use it to cleanse their wombs. But otherwise just google it.

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Posted by: tinawina | 2009/11/30

What would you use that for Zintle??? First time I hear of that

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Posted by: Zintle | 2009/11/30

Betadine Douch.

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Posted by: Popi | 2009/11/30

To make sure everything is fine with your womb. You go to the doctor and do your papsmear test that you should be doing every year. In that way, the doctors will tell you if you have infections, abnormal tissues. people who want their womb to be cleaned are people who might have had a miscarriage or want to fall pregnant. If you are not planning a baby, do a papsmear test

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Posted by: .... | 2009/11/30

backstreet abortion, why else would it need to be cleaned...

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Posted by: Then | 2009/11/30

Hehehe, Passion... I know zilch about the servicing of a womb hence, mine has never been serviced. What made it dirty?

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Posted by: Curious | 2009/11/30

Just wondering, doesn' t your period ' service your womb'  .........

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Posted by: Passion | 2009/11/30

Unless you have had an abortion, miscarriage or endometriosis there is no need to ' service'  / clean your womb. Your body was designed to maintain itself in working order. You only need medical intervention if something is wrong (and you will have symptoms to tell you that something is wrong).

God did not build you like a car that needs service

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Posted by: ???? | 2009/11/30

thanx for ur help guyz

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Posted by: tinawina | 2009/11/30

Haarlemens is not going to clean your womb. hahahahaha sorry. I suggest you go talk to your gynae. Asking I think she means making sure everything is clean and in working order. lol

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Posted by: Asking | 2009/11/30

Why do u want to service ur womb?

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Posted by: ???? | 2009/11/30

eish itjo a ke tsebe lenna i thought may b there is something, coz i sometimes hear other women drinking bo haarlemens, essence of life don' t know so i dont know just wana service my womb... don' t want to get preggies.

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Posted by: Itjo | 2009/11/30

So theres something to drink for cleaning up the womb...thats the first i hear of it.

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Posted by: tinawina | 2009/11/30

Not sure there is anything. I would suggest going to your gynae and they would normally do a womb scrape. Just remember that if you do that, you will fall pregnant so much faster. lol

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