Posted by: Cape Girl | 2005/10/31


Castor Oil at 33 weeks

My mother has advised that I use Castor Oil so as to not to have any labour pains when the baby wants to come out. She says she never new she was in labour with my younger brother coz she used it.
What do you ladies think ?

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Posted by: Jacky | 2005/10/31

Found this article this morning, it's the answer to the question how to induce labour.
Castor oil is another home remedy to stay far away from—if it brings on labor, it’s because the diarrhea and vomiting that it brings on causes dehydration. And you really do not want to be vomiting, diarrheic, dehydrated and in labor at the same time. Some couples swear by sex, and orgasm can bring on uterine contractions. But if the baby isn’t ready to be born, the contractions will fade. And almost needless to say, you don’t want to schedule a c-section, which is major surgery that will have you bedridden for much longer than a vaginal birth and unable to bend over to change your own maxi pads, among other things. We know you’re miserable, but hang in there and remember, babies are easier to care for in there than out here!

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Posted by: Tiny | 2005/10/31

I read in the living and loving that you should not take castor oil and especially not when you are that far pregnant.

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Posted by: Alex | 2005/10/31

I have heard it is a big NO NO!! Old wives tales when they were still telling our parents if you smoked 10 or less a day during pregnancy it was considered not smoking!! Same for caster oil!!

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Posted by: Moi | 2005/10/31

All the info i've come accross also says that you can use castor oil to induce labour. it causes abdominal cramps and a runny tummy, so they advise you NOT to use it. so if i were you, rather stay far away from the castor oil!

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Posted by: Tracy | 2005/10/31


I read somewhere that you should NOT take Castor Oil.

I would not take it!!

Baby will come when its ready (I heard you take it to induce labour not for pain) and you are supposed to feel the pain if you dont want pain then have an epidural!!

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Posted by: Tds | 2005/10/31

Sorry, but what do you do with the castor oil exactly?

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