Posted by: Anon | 2008/09/04


Can it help or hinder?

A tannie told me last night that versterk druppels everyday, will help with conceiving as it some how strengthens your uterus, can this help or is it not risky drinking this medicine everyday, DH and I are willing to keep an open mind on all the advice we get.

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Posted by: anon | 2014/02/12

i hav been told that it really helps my sister inlaw used it and it helped,only your husband needs to get him red carrot and drink it.

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Posted by: FAITH | 2008/09/04

Hi Anon!
I have a lady that prays for me and I' ve been with her for almost 3 years now. She also advised me to take the versterk druppels and also other Dutch Remedies like, wonderkroon, groen amara, wit dulsies, essence of life. Just last night after she prayed for me and anointed me with the olive oil she told me to drink some versterk druppels when I get home.

She also gave me some " Buchu"  and " Dassie pis"  herbs to use at one time, apparently it is very good for the bladder and surrounding areas.You can even go and read up on it on the internet.

I do believe in my Dutch remedies not only for tcc but for other stuff also, my DH also uses it from time to time, when he is not feeling well.

I must say I havent used mine with any other medication that I got from FS. Right now I am on no treatment so I am using it.
I think that we all have our own opinions about these type of things, this is just my opinion, you will have to decide for yourself what you think is good and whats not.

Baby Blessings to you!

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Posted by: Jvdw | 2008/09/04

It' s an Old Dutch Remedy.

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Posted by: Poison | 2008/09/04

Sorry Anon

Please tell me what Versterk Druppels is ???

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Posted by: Jvdw | 2008/09/04

I wouldn' t use it, first clear with your Doctor or FS cause soo many of these old wive' s tales can do more harm than good and interact negatively with your current treatment!!

Also what happens if you have PCOS or endo?? Never heard of a weak uterus?? So not sure what you would be strengthening &  why?? Plus it wouldn' t help if you had a uterine septum or fibroids!

Take this advice with a pinch of salt I reckon!!!

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