Posted by: scared but wanting | 2008/05/03


Big penis: 12inch/28cm

I am dating this guy that I met on the internet , we are due to meet.I am really scared as I have not had sex for 5yrs and he told me that his penis is 12inches, abt 28 cm.I love him very much but are really scared that we would not enjoy sex as im looking forward to have it with him.Any tips on how to make sure that I take all of him inside me as I really wanna please him.I just wanna blow him away when we are together.
Date: 3/5/2008

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Posted by: Moa | 2008/05/05

any chance that I can demonstrate to you, how to do him?

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Posted by: devil in blue tights | 2008/05/05

You are dating him but you have`nt met yet, how strange,were you two having cybersex all along cos if you did you probably told him you have perky breasts firm as pears which we all can assume is a lie ,i probably hangs to ur knees and his 12 inches is probably 12 centimeters.You are both immature.

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Posted by: Sg | 2008/05/05

No matter what his "size" might be,what sort of man tells you the size of his penis before he has even met you ! Crickey,is this really the type of character you want to have a relationship with ?
Tread carefully before you get to the point of sex.I somehow think his 12 inches seems a bit inflated (sorry about the pun)!

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Posted by: Nick uwc | 2008/05/05

I think you should have more wit to disbelieve what you are being told. The guy is talking crap. The size you got from him is the equivalent to a ruler (i.e 30cm) It is almost impossible to be endowed with that size. Moreover, you said you have met this guy, you don't know him from adam and you are going to engage in sex with him. No-strings....ja i may assume.

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Posted by: ja | 2008/05/04

12" - no prob - you are equiped.

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Posted by: Tango | 2008/05/03

Internet connections. Just make sure first you date a few times before you " blow him away" He may not be all you imagine him to be. Proceed with caution. If he is fabulous - then no matter what his size is - you will be fine. Maybe he is no where near the size he says he is anyway. I would be cautious of meeting up to have sex the first time. Good lck.

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