Posted by: babygirlmommy | 2007/06/04


best washing detergent for baby clothes and blankets

Hi All Mommies and New-Mommies to be!
Just want to share: I find the best detergent for washing your baby's delicate stuff is Woolite Sensitive. It is a liquid detergent and is so soft, you can almost skip using softener. It works better than sunlight. In my opinion. But try it - It is about R21 for a bottle and is lasts rather long, you only use a small capful per wash and it smells lovely. It is in the normal detergent isle in the shops and you get three different kinds, but it is the one in the white bottle with the white cap. Just wanted to share.
good luck with your babies

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Posted by: Kaled | 2007/06/05

Thanx BGM, I'll use it on my baby too. To me even Sunlight powder is irritating I have to use a bar one!

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Posted by: www | 2007/06/05

Thanks a lot - will definitely give that a try. Will be washing baby clothes this coming weekend. :)

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Posted by: Son | 2007/06/04

I use Woollite as well - found it worked better in my washing machine than the sunlight washing powder for babies. So it gets my thumbs-up. I still use sunlight baby softener though, but I suppose it is not necessary.

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Posted by: Melz | 2007/06/04

Thanks for that info... I also noticed Sunlight has a new baby washing powder - specifically for babies? Not sure what its like.

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