Posted by: landi | 2006/06/27


at what age did you give these to your baby one minute noodles
2.flings chippies
6.rusks to chew on
7. eggs - scrambled
8. regular ultramel custard

i just want to compare with my twin boys. I am realy having a bad time getting them to eat. they are so fussy.
Any other suggestions as what to give a nine month old.

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Posted by: Leigh | 2006/06/28


Noodles - I have given him some spaghetti if we are having ut never used the baby noodles.
Flings - I gave him from about 10 months
Smash - I dont eat Smash so he has never had it
Nesquick - I dont have it in the house so I have never given it to him
Milo - never given to him
Rusks - he didnt like them as he only started teething at 14 months
Eggs - he ate scrambled eggs from 8 months because he has no allergies
Custard - he loves custard but I only give it to him occassionally

My son is 17 months and I have given him just about everything (cleared some stuff with paed first). My son eats like a champion.

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Posted by: sambinoct | 2006/06/28 one minute noodles - this is only from 18months, says on the packet
2.flings chippies - I gave now and then from 10months
3.smash - rather give fresh mash, too processed
4.nesquick - not good for their teeth but okay as a treat now and then
5.milo - not good for their teeth, even if they don't have any :)
6.rusks to chew on - okay if they have no teeth so they don't choke. I used dried mango strips and worked great
7. eggs - scrambled - egg yellow is fine from 9months but egg white only from 1 year (allergy related)
8. regular ultramel custard - you get purity custard, don't give too much, only as a treat

Purple's suggestions are great. My son eats all of what she's mentioned. He's now 15months old. He also loves his mari biscuits ...

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Posted by: Purple | 2006/06/28


I started giving the noodles at around 15 months.
He got flings chips at parties after he was a year old
Smash - I have never given this, I prefer to steam or boil potatoes and mash them myself with milk and cheese. I've done this with EBM and no cheese since about 7 months of age, but he preferred sweet potato.
Nesquick - I only started giving some now at 2 and a half when I weaned him off the breast.
Milo - haven't given - nothing against it though.
I gave rusks to chew on from 7 months - but my son had no teeth until 11 months (when I stopped giving them) so he couldn't break pieces off and choke. I re-started giving them about 2 weeks ago.
I gave eggs in all forms - scrambled, boiled - hard and with dippy toast, not fried though from a year. You can give one part of the egg from 9 months, but I can't remember if its the yolk or the white, so I just waited till a year.
I've never given custard. We as a family don't eat pudding, so I've just never thought about it.

I found that my sons favourite foods were always fresh or dried fruit.

At 9 months, they might want to be more actively involved in feeding themselves. My son would not be fed from age 10 months onwards, and he could not feed himself with a spoon - so I gave only finger foods.
Lots of pieces of fresh fruit, little cubes of steamed chicken breast, fried chicken livers with garlic, steamed mixed frozen veg, - he loved picking up the cooked peas and corn, and he adores carrots.
He also loved rice cakes with cottage cheese on them.
LIttle squares of brown bread with marmite
You can also give yoghurt

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