Posted by: E Strauss | 2013-03-05

Any other tests to determine why I have shortness of breath and hoarse voice

I have had the symptoms of shortness of breath and hoarse voice for 3 months on end. The hoarseness was gone for about 5 weeks but the breath shortness still continued. Has seen a physician specialist (after consulting various other GP's and docters). He did lung function test but it was not 100%. prescribed Singulair and Foxair, after 4 weeks he repeated LFT again but was still the same. He then odered blood test to determin CRP, blood clot possibility and few other minor ones but all was normal. He ordered a barium-swallow that was also normal. A heart sonar was done, but also no abnormalities. While waiting for test results the hoarseness restarted again, and together with the shortness of breath I get tired easily. Last SATS was taken a week ago by a nurse at GP and was fine 96. Because of the shortness of breath and hoarseness I struggle to be active or have conversations where people are able to hear me. I am on chronic psychiatrist treament, mid 30's over-weight (on Low GI diet and lost just over 5 kg). I would like to excercise for further weight loss but my body gets too tired too soon. Would really like to know what other options I have to seek treatment, for I am not axious and do not think the diagnoses the physician made is correct. It feels as if the medical science have failed me and that no docter feels the need to search deeper. I hope that I can still be proven wrong and get some answers.

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Posted by: Scalette | 2016-05-13

My boyfriend has been sick a couple days with the same symptoms. He had a terrible night trying to sleep.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015-02-18

I've also had hoarse voice, breathlessness, fatigue, along with sweats and flushes to my face for months now. Had all the tests for my heart and lungs but nothing shows. Now it's been suggested it could be anxiety. Work is stressful with increasingly high demands but I don't feel obsessed by worry. However once I heard the suggestion from my specialist I felt relief at finding a probable cause. The acute breathlessness eased that day and my voice was ok too. I was puffy again last night and this morning ..but not as badly. The closer I was to returning to work, the worse my breathing got. I'm making serious changes to my life.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014-05-21

Have suffered with Hoarseness for 1 year now and Shortness of Breath. I have had CAT Scan, Xrays & Biopsy (all clear) Had multiple blood tests and examinations. I was advised to have speech therapy which was not helpful, due to Therapist needing more info, and not getting it. I have now been given more Lung xrays, Bloods and Lung function Test. I received a letter asking for me to attend Hospital for another Lung Function Test and Cardio Echogram. I will be asking my GP what is going on as I am not happy with the way I have been sent from one dept to another

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