Updated 07 November 2014

How I lost weight – part 3

The women in this weight-loss series are all ordinary people who lost weight through diet and exercise. Here’s how Tamsyn Strydom did it, and how YOU can do it too!

These women are all ordinary South Africans who made minor changes to their lifestyles and diets, and not only lost weight but transformed their lives.

They all had one thing in common – they believed that they could do it, and so can you!

Tamsyn Strydom's story

Tamsyn Strydom lost 9kg in 8 weeks. This is her story:

For me, my weight wasn’t the only thing bugging me, there was so much more to it. I was tired of having no energy and constant recurring glandular infections because my immune system was compromised.

My eating habits were so bad that my body could not to build healthy cells, and I was also pre-diabetic as a result of my excessive sugar and junk food binges.

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My clothes were getting tight and I was tired of choosing a shirt from my wardrobe based on how much coverage it would give me over my jeans, rather than being able to choose something pretty that would make me feel good.

My journey began with the eight week SleekGeek challenge. I thought I would use the challenge to kick start the process of getting healthy and getting back in to shape, and hopefully start losing a bit of weight. I was totally amazed when I lost all the weight I needed to by the end of the challenge!

I shed around 8 or 9 kg, and at first I didn’t realise how amazing the transformation was, but when I look at my before and after pictures side by side at the end of the challenge I can see how I have completely transformed into the dream version of myself.

The process wasn’t too complicated either. I followed a strict 30-day Paleo eating plan which cut out all sugar and processed, refined carbohydrates. Although I wasn’t able to train during the eight week challenge due to rehabilitating an injury, I do generally exercise regularly and I feel this is very important as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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In this case, though, I lost the weight purely through "clean" eating.

The hardest part was sticking to the eating plan as I had suffered from a binge eating disorder since childhood. So I had to find ways of dealing with my emotions, rather than eating when circumstances were not ideal.

However, although I lost the weight initially by following a Paleo eating plan, I have since then changed to the Banting way of eating and have enjoyed continued health and increased energy levels. I fully believe in this style of eating to such an extent that I have become a Banting coach – in the hopes of transforming one life at a time, one day at a time.

My advice to others is to take it slowly. Don’t try and change everything overnight if it is too overwhelming.

Try changing one bad habit, e.g. stop drinking coffee, or have it without sugar. You will feel motivated when you start feeling better as a result. This will lead to more and more changes, until eventually you will find yourself passionately following a completely new and healthy lifestyle.

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