Updated 07 November 2014

How I lost weight – part 2

The women in this weight loss series are all ordinary people who lost weight through diet and exercise. Here’s how Maritza Diedericks succeeded, and how YOU can do it too!


These women are all ordinary South Africans who made minor changes to their lifestyles and diets, and not only lost weight but transformed their lives.

They all had one thing in common – they believed that they could do it, and so can you!

Maritza Diedericks' story

Maritza Diedericks lost 134cm and 8 percent body fat in 7 months. This is her story:

I decided it was time to lose weight when I grew tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I hated what I saw in the mirror and this time it felt like it was now or never.

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I had to do it for myself.

I soon realised that the body can’t go where the mind doesn’t take it, so I began with getting my head in the game and took it one day at a time. 

I was lucky enough to have a very supportive husband, and after a bit of research into different diets and eating plans I decided that I wanted to try eating the Paleo way.

I loved the idea of eating "clean". It was a challenge at first, especially replacing bread and cereals with veggies, but my family supported me and now my children also eat "clean".

The hardest part for me was how slowly things moved. Some days it felt like I was wasting my time and I was tempted to give up.

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But I kept at it, and during the process I learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of achieving.

My advice to others is to be patient and don’t give up – success will not happen overnight.

Also, forget about the scale. I weigh more now than I ever did because I lift heavy weights and exercise more. Your clothes will quickly tell you when you are making progress.

I have been so inspired by this that I have started an online coaching site, Trim, Tone & Train to help women lose weight.

Readers are welcome to "like" my page for daily motivation, tips and recipes.

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