How to lose weight sensibly

SA doctor on why Banting 'sucks'

In his soon to be published book 'Banting Sucks', Dr Howard Rybko challenges some assertions made by proponents of Banting and why Banters are struggling to keep their weight down.

New weight-loss surgery cheaper and less invasive

A new weight-loss procedure involves using an endoscope inserted through the mouth. When the endoscope reaches the stomach, the surgeon places sutures in the stomach, making it smaller and changing its shape.

'Mindfulness' may reduce belly fat

People with higher levels of 'dispositional mindfulness' were less likely to be obese than those with lower levels, a new study found.

Many overweight teens don't see the problem

It's important that young people be aware when they are above a healthy weight. This could be a first step to becoming more active and making healthy changes to their diet.

Zoe Harcome's 3-phase diet

One of the speakers at the Old Mutual Health Convention is author Zoë Harcombe, Cambridge graduate and author of six books and a diet and nutrition blog.

The secret weight-loss ingredient

If you want to lose weight for the summer – without starving yourself or resorting to exclusion diets – try adding a handful of pulses to your daily diet.

How to set healthy goals that stick

Goals can be pretty hard to stick to, now SleekGeek will show you how to upgrade your goal-setting method by distinguishing between outcome goals and behaviour goals.

Higher BMI may not equal health risk

Some studies show that high BMI people with heart disease or other chronic illness tend to outlive thinner people with the same health conditions.

Why we struggle to lose weight

Recent research shows that following weight loss, levels of circulating hormones which affect our appetite tend to promote over-eating and weight regain.

Is intermittent fasting the easiest diet ever?

Intermittent fasting as a diet sounds like a lot of hard work and denial. Not so, says Dr Arien van der Merwe who found it the easiest way to slim down her growing waistline, caused by metabolic syndrome.

How to lose fat in bulging body parts

Skinny thighs but bulging boep? DietDoc explains how different methods - diet, exercise, liposuction and salon treatments - can target those bulging body parts.

The Ultimate You Manifesto

Health24 is all about helping you live a great life, this is why we have teamed up with Sleekgeek SA and their concept of unlocking the Ultimate You.

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