Am I eating too much fat?

Are you consuming too much fat in your diet. Take this quiz to learn if you are at risk for being overweight, developing heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers?

How many times a week do you eat fried foods?

How often do you buy take-away foods or restaurant meals?

Do you eat the skin of chicken?

What do you use mostly on salads?

Do you use margarine or butter on vegetables?

Which type of cheese do you eat mostly?

Which of the following would you choose to eat at a cocktail party?

Do you use an oil spray or non-stick frying pan to fry foods?

What type of milk do you use?

What type of yogurt do you eat?

How often do you eat fatty red meat eg. regular mince, lamb, mutton or processed meat?

Which would you choose as a snack?

What do you prefer to eat with your meal in a restaurant or take-away?

How do you eat fish or seafood most of the time?

Which of these savoury snacks would you prefer?

Which topping do you prefer on a sandwich?

What do you prefer to barbeque?

How many eggs do you consume in a week?