Nutrition basics

Junk food costs you more

There is a common misconception that healthy eating is expensive, but in fact the opposite is often true.

How safe are artificial sweeteners?

Most people who receive e-mails will have seen the "aspartame e-mail" which links this sweetener to every ill known to mankind. DietDoc looks into the safety of sweeteners.

Know your carbs

So which foods are classified as carbohydrates, and which are not?

Foods that may help prevent cancer

When it comes to making healthy food choices, which foods should you eat, and which should you rather avoid to prevent cancer or help your body fight an existing cancer? DietDoc takes a closer look.

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Peter Venter says...

PETER i have started this diet recently and never felt so sick in my life. Night sweats, vomiting, constant nausia and terrible migrains. will this go away or must I stop the diet? 'Tim Noakes diet' comes out tops
Snack your body into shape

Healthy snacking is a great way to boost your metabolism and lose weight, writes registered dietician Kim Hoffmann.

Fight arthritis pain with your diet

If you have rheumatoid arthritis (RA) you need to pay more attention to your diet as some RA medications block nutrients your body needs, writes DietDoc.

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Live healthier

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Tips to stay fit and healthy in winter

When it's cold it's easy to pick up the coughs and sniffles, and it's even easier to indulge in comfort foods. Don't !

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Get your vitamins right

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