Nutrition basics

Why you should never cook with sunflower oil

For decades we’ve been cooking with vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, believing it is healthier than cooking with fat and butter. Scientists in the UK have shown that sunflower oil, especially, can become cancerous when heated.

Dangers that lurk in your fridge

Ever been blown away by foul-smelling, mould-growing leftovers when you open your fridge? Find out what you can keep and what you should definitely throw away.

The link between gut bacteria, asthma and anorexia

DietDoc explains how the use of beneficial microorganisms could be a treatment option to prevent anorexia nervosa or to alleviate some of the negative symptoms of patients when they have an eating disorder.

Do we need fats?

The answer is, yes, but we should not eat too much, and we should know which fats are good for us, and which fats are bad.

Let's get some perspective on meat and cancer

The news that we're at an increased cancer risk of colorectal cancer from eating processed meats has caused quite a stir. But, as two South African dietitians point out, there's no proof that removing meat from your diet will protect you against cancer.

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