Nutrition basics

Why you should eat potatoes

Low-carbers are avoiding potatoes but these plants provide natural, unrefined carbohydrates and one 100g potato only provides 16 g of carbs along with valuable minerals. Don't avoid them!

Is organic food a big hoax?

DietDoc's firm belief that all's well with of organic food, globally and in South Africa, was recently seriously challenged.

Protein vs. carbs: the great debate

A recent report of an interview with Sport Science Institute's Prof Tim Noakes quotes him as saying that 'everything we've been taught about nutrition is wrong'. DietDoc disagrees.

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Condolences to the family. Load shedding killed my baby
Carbohydrate portion sizes

Carbohydrates should form the basis of a balanced diet. You're allowed 6-11 portions per day, depending on your age and activity levels. But how big is a portion?

Tips on gaining weight

While many people have questions about weight loss and how to combat obesity, a great number of people also want to, and need to, gain weight.

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Allergy alert »

Allergy myths Cold or allergy? Children and allergies

Allergy facts vs. fiction

Some of the greatest allergy myths and misconceptions can actually be damaging to your health.

Vitamin wise »

Vitamins for HIV What to eat for vitamin B? Cut down on vitamins

All you need to know about vitamins

Find out which vitamin to use for which condition. Ask our Vitamin expert.