Nutrition basics

Too much salt could kill you

A staggering 80% of heart attacks and strokes could be prevented with simple lifestyle changes - such as reducing your salt intake - experts say.

Could vitamin D help prevent cancer?

According to news reports, vitamin D could help prevent colon cancer. But excessive intakes of vitamin D could also be dangerous. What should you know?

5-a-day for better health

Cansa's 5-a-day campaign refers to five servings of fruit and vegetables a day for better health. DietDoc tells us about the role of nutrition in the fight against cancer.

Junk food costs you more

There is a common misconception that healthy eating is expensive, but in fact the opposite is often true.

Dangers that lurk in your fridge

Ever been blown away by foul-smelling, mould-growing leftovers when you open your fridge? Find out what you can keep and what you should definitely throw away.

Hottest chilli peppers on earth

Just how hot is a hot chilli? Here’s more about why chillies are so hot, how to quench the fire, and just some interesting chilli facts.

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Louis Claes says...

they say water will not help relieve it but i disagree. If my mouth is on fire after eating chillies i take water in my mouth and keep it there. As long as i keep the water in my... Hottest chilli peppers on earth
Could lupins be the next superfood?

Global warming poses a serious threat to the cultivation of traditional cereal crops such as wheat and rice. Could the humble high-protein/low-GI lupin grain become the next superfood?

Is coffee sabotaging your diet?

The ubiquitous “cuppa coffee” can pick you up, chill you out and even bring some benefits to your body and brain. But this beloved beverage could be sabotaging your diet.

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Strenghten your immunity »

Keep your immunity strong Immune system boosters Boost your family's immunity

5 immune boosters in your kitchen

You don’t need a handful of vitamins and supplements to keep your body healthy, check out these five immune boosting foods you probably already have in your kitchen.

Laugh a little »

Eat yourself happy Laugh more and live longer Laughing yoga the best medicine

The healing power of laughter

A good chuckle doesn't only make you feel happy for a moment, it's beneficial to your health too.