Calorie restriction improves health, mood, sex drive

A study found that people who successfully followed a calorie-restricted diet for two years experienced improved mood, better quality of life, improved sleep, enhanced sexual drive and better relationships.

Bring on sugar tax say SA's top health experts

The government must not succumb to the pressure of the beverage industry when discussing the sugar sweetened beverage tax, says the Public Health Community of South Africa coalition.

How to read food labels

Food labels can be a confusing task but knowing what's in the food you eat can help you make better choices. Health24's dietitian explains all you need to know.

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Coffee and wine for the win! »

Could heartburn drugs upset your 'good' gut bacteria? Life is a gut reaction

Good news! Coffee & wine may promote a healthy gut

Diverse bacteria help your gut stay healthy. Here's how what you eat and drink can help or harm that balance - and it's not all bad news.

I gave hubby HIV »

Giving babies antibodies promptly may eliminate HIV Vaginal ring to prevent HIV on the cards

I gave my husband HIV and watched him die

Stephanie van Niekerk unwittingly infected her husband with HIV and ended up having to watch him wither and die in front of her very eyes. This is Stephanie's story in her own words.