Pepsi pledges to produce healthier products

According to PepsiCo's chief executive the company's 2025 Sustainability Agenda aims to be consistent with United Nations sustainable development goals and the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

SA girls more overweight than boys

Girls are generally heavier than boys, and in conjunction with the rise in weight there have been escalating rates of chronic diseases like diabetes.

Six tips to curb mindless eating

By consciously ensuring you eat mindfully, you can slow down and restore your attention, making eating an intentional act instead of an automatic activity.

'Mindful eating' can keep kids slim

Mindful eating allows us to pay attention to hunger and fullness, emotional connections to food and the relationships involved in eating, according to a prominent US paediatrician.

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Heal your hearing Pain relievers linked to hearing loss in women FDA approves balloon device to clear Eustachian tube

SEE: Interesting facts about hearing loss

Our ears perform quite a complex job – not only are they responsible for helping us hear, they also assist with balance.