Healthy diets

Rules for a balanced diet

What exactly is a balanced diet? How much of which foods should you eat? Here are a few simple rules that anyone can follow.

New research confirms that sugar is making us sick

With all the low-fat hype over the last few decades, many of us replaced fat with sugar but now researchers are showing that sugar is to blame for drastically increasing rates of diabetes, obesity and other lifestyle diseases.

Diet: how to stay motivated this winter

It's hard to make healthy food choices when it's cold outside and you're craving warm comfort foods. Dietitian Kim Hoffmann has some handy tips to keep you motivated.

Oprah throws her weight behind Weight Watchers

Diet giant Weight Watchers was on a steady way down when media tycoon Oprah Winfrey decided to get behind them and invest half a Billion Rand in the company. Overnight, shares in the diet company rocketed by 90%.

Americans eat all day long

Tracking real-world eating patterns, researchers found that many Americans no longer have set mealtimes, but eat all day long.

10 golden rules of Banting

Banting has become synonymous with the Tim Noakes Diet which refers to going on a low carbohydrate, high fat diet. Here are some rules to guide you.

Patrick Holford: banting is dangerous

Tim Noakes' dieting regime is a specific eating plan intended for diabetics and may have a negative effect on long-term health, world renowned nutritionalist Patrick Holford says.

Ocean View tries out the Banting lifestyle

The Noakes Foundation has gone to the Ocean View community in the Cape to introduce them to the low carbohydrate and high fat diet (aka Banting) to see if they could change their eating habits and, so, their health.

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