Updated 29 March 2017

5 foods that are dangerous to eat after the expiry date

Whilst some foods are okay to eat a bit after their expiry date, there are others that can be dangerous to enjoy after this cut-off point.


Food sustains life, and besides this pure biological function, it makes us happy.

Just think of a bowl of delicious pasta, or that piece of fish that's perfectly crispy on the outside. Then there’s the scrumptious taste of freshly baked bread and the exquisite aroma of a good curry.

Are you hungry yet? Good. That's what we're aiming for. But most foods have an expiry date and while it’s occasionally okay to eat them after that date, there are some that are dangerous to eat once that time has passed. They can severely impact your digestive system and have several other nasty consequences. 

Let's take a look at five foods that can be fatal if you eat them after their expiry date. 


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