The health benefits of buchu tea

The ancient wisdom behind Agothosma Betulina, or buchu, has been part of the indigenous culture and heritage of South Africa for centuries.

Rooibos: an alternative energy drink

Endurance athletes may be better off consuming simple, inexpensive, home-made rooibos drinks than relying exclusively on expensive, over-hyped energy products, endurance athlete, microbiologist and nutritionist Hannele Steyn-Kotze says.

Sugary drinks could fuel diabetes

New research results have confirmed once again that by having just one 350ml sugar-sweetened cold drink a day, you increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 20%.

Rooibos can protect and support the liver

Rooibos can protect the liver and has the potential to be used as a supporting treatment for liver disorders, a new study by the Oxidative Stress Research Centre in Cape Town has found.

Too much water could be dangerous

Sports scientist Tim Noakes’s research has turned all previous beliefs about water intake for runners on its head. How much water should one really drink when exercising?

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The dangers in your drinks

We easily forget that what we drink on a daily basis can make or break our health or wellbeing. Here's what you need to know.

Are you high on caffeine?

Draft amendments were recently published in the South African Government Gazette that propose stricter labelling requirements for "Highly Caffeinated Energy Drinks".

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