Updated 26 October 2016

Win 1 of 6 R5000 cash prizes

Take the “Man-Down” quiz and you could win 1 of 6 R5000 cash prizes!


We’ve all seen it, a big strong man reduced to a moaning, groaning, mumbling mess.

He’s “too hot” then just seconds later he’s “too cold”, and then “he can’t breathe”, and then can you please pass him the remote control, because he just can’t reach it on the coffee table right alongside him. 

But what’s most surprising about this woeful behaviour, is that it could possibly be the result of a blocked nose, or as it’s known in the scientific circles “nasal congestion”. 

More like “nasal complain-gestion” if you ask us.

Luckily, there is something you can do about it.

When the man in your life is “Man-Down” (take your cues from the mournful looks and incessant sniffling), arm yourself with everything you need to help him get over it.





This competition closes on 03 November 2016.

Question 1

What do they call a blocked nose in scientific circles?

Question 2

Think back to when a man in your life was “Man Down” and choose the description that best fits his behaviour?

Question 3

A man has a blocked nose and is asking the following, “Plesh pash mesh va remosh”, what is he trying to get his hands on?

Question 4

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