Should you be allowed to die?

The right to die has been thrust back into the spotlight recently, Cybershrink describes first-hand the tragedy associated with this question.

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Rod Coleman says...

The survey was done in Finland only - which sais it all. SA men are totally different and prefers woman in their mid 30's - a proven fact. Sexually, men prefer women in their mid-20s
Judge Masipa 'reads' Oscar's mind

Few people expected Judge Masipa to make a contentious and provocative decision, at odds with a large body of expert legal opinion on crucial issues.

What if Oscar Pistorius goes to jail?

As we wait for the Court to reveal the verdict and, eventually, sentence, some wonder how Oscar Pistorius would cope with the experience of prison.

Oscar Pistorius and his Tinker Bell defence

Clap hands if you believe in fairies! Health 24's CyberShrink, Professor Michael Simpson, reflects on a lot of scientific hogwash presented during the Oscar Pistorius trial.

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