All said and done, we still don't know WHY Oscar shot Reeva

The evidence is at an end but the case is not over yet. Health24's CyberShrink looks closely at the red herrings and weak witness testimony and comes to the conclusion that we still don't know why Oscar killed Reeva. And then there's the mediocre social media analysis by Channel 199 ...

Cherry-picking reports and that reconstructed video

CyberShrink says: Derman dribbles, Roux cherry-picks from the strangely unavailable report and a leaked re-construction video of what happened on that night and that strongly contradicts the psychologists' report.

Oscar's defence continues to implode

Broken promises, pointless witnesses and delaying tactics: CyberShrink further analyses what he regards as a poor performance by Oscar's defence team.

Oscar’s ‘part-time’ assessment

CyberShrink comments on the North Gauteng High Court's ruling that Oscar Pistorius will have to report to the medical superintendent of the psychiatric facility of Weskoppies Hospital in Pretoria every weekday from 9am until 4pm.*

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Beatrix Kidd says...

FUNNY - the whole world is panicking - yet our idiots say dont panic! We are one of the biggest air traffic hubs in Africa... I think there is more than enough room to start... Motsoaledi: Don't panic about Ebola
Back to school at the Oscar trial

It's clear Oscar did not suffer from generalised anxiety disorder, and we still don't know if he screams like a woman. CyberShrink analyses the latest in the Oscar Pistorius trial.

Who's nuts: Oscar or his defence?

Health24's CyberShrink, Prof Michael Simpson, observes that Oscar Pistorius' defence has dug a nice hole for themselves with Dr Vorster's very precise evidence.

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